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    When the eff will G remove biz title as a signal?! (small rant ahead)

    i have been searching the past 15 minutes and this thread is the most relevant to my question as people have been talking about title and exact match domains. how much weight does the city in the business title in your google listing carry? i have seen more and more businesses either keyword...
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    Local SEO & Link Building

    agree with linda. in fact i have a site that's nearly 10 years old with over 10k links pointed at it last i checked. for years that would put me in 1st place. with this new algo they are for the most part, apparently worthless and or possibly harmful. the only links i would focus on would be...
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    GUIDELINE CHANGE - City or Keyword in Places Title Allowed Now

    so, let me get this right, my business name is mountain view carpet care and i operate around hillsboro oregon. there is another mountain view carpet care in washington and california, we aren't related at all can i now change my business name to mountain view carpet care - hillsboro? i've...
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    Review(s) vanished

    if it's a local area service business i swear that area ip factors in. i sometimes do jobs for out of state clients who pay over the phone via credit card. two have said they have left reviews and neither have stuck. on the flip side, every review from local people and even one solicitor {with...
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    SAB Upgraded in New Dash - Lost Authorship

    just learned something new. apparently people can't +1 or add the business page just yet. maybe that's part of the reason people were saying to hold off after reading up. doesn't seem to be 100% working yet
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    SAB Upgraded in New Dash - Lost Authorship

    i just noticed the same thing with local geo terms like "carpet cleaners" where my authorship still works, that again is a B rank term. it's possible the hummingbird at last penguin update were part of the rank drop. some of the high pr blogs from around the world i was using to juice the site...
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    SAB Upgraded in New Dash - Lost Authorship

    SAB here, i just logged in recently, noticed the new dash and this "create a businesss + page" link on the left side. clicked that, created the + page and now my authorship markup and personal plus listing that was linked in the results are gone and the listing dropped 3 places when i next...
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    Pending - Being Reviewed

    mine did the same thing. it was live but showing pending. back to active now in the past two weeks something was going on at google. a LOT of directories were delisted or had the PR drop to zero as google marked them as nothing more than link exchanges. letters then appeared in webmaster tools...
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    What's the proper way to rank other keywords in places?

    just curious about something as we rank very well for our main keywords but have expanded a bit. site is Mountain View Carpet Cleaning Hillsboro Oregon And Beaverton and i'm wondering what i would do to rank for tile and grout cleaning in locals? do i have to make a custom category for tile and...
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    Can't Rank? Link Building Won't Help You?

    Re: Can?t Rank? Link Building Won?t Help You? only part i'll comment on is keyword domains. they still do have more power for that single key word, it just seems like they have less. imo the biggest drawdown on exact match domains is #1 they are hard to get and #2 they only work for one term...
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    same here and if i wasn't so tuned in from what's happened i may have blown it off. the specifics were the "hi this is so and so from google maps" then using the word storefront and looking on maps and mentioning the gravel road the old location was on. the fact i heard all that and the old...
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    another update on this. for those of you who follow this outline and get your places page brought back. wait a couple days and search your phone number and business name in maps specifically. when google brought back my places listing, they also brought back an old location. sure enough google...
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    Places stuck for months in "Pending" state

    Linda, i have seen that second listing appear when someone changes their address. After reading that post from jade in the G forum about being able to edit and submit your address i forwarded it to a friend who just bought a new home. well, the old places listing is still on maps as well as the...
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    Call From Google Maps - Deleted?

    what i couldn't figure out is why they didn't A. email business owners about the policy update and explain the consequences B. pause listings in such a way that a click of a button would bring them back. from what a google employee told me last week all the new cases are going much quicker...
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    Google Place Page For Business That Operates In 2 Different States?

    haven't personally done it yet but am looking into it if i get a storefront in another part of our metro area. here's what i noticed. google ruby tuesday. big national chain with one website going to hundreds of restaurants what they seem to do is point citations in each city at the main...
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    If you've been around awhile you have probably seen countless threads from plumbers, carpet cleaners and HVAC owners that say something like "one day this telemarketer {which was really google} called from 650 253 2000 and we hung up on them, then, our page disappeared! Well, guess what, you're...
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    Hidden Address, Service Based Business - Google Removal Question

    thing that caught my attention is that he deleted his listing, created a new one and it worked? like with all the same details? i've heard mixed stories on this working
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    Authorship Markup Problems

    i didn't think so but i had to ask, i may end up with a small store at some point too lastly. is there any negative impact to claiming authorship on various sites i own? this would enhance organic pages that i have specifically for various keywords i know at some point a person would cross...
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    Authorship Markup Problems

    david. that was a serious eagle eye you had there, did what you suggested and ran it through rich snippets again. came back as "Authorship is working for this webpage." Link (direct or indirect) from website to Google+ profile: Yes Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to : Yes just...
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    Authorship Markup Problems

    Re: Critical 4 Local - Author Rank, Publisher & Author Markup - What you NEED to Know one other thing. on another forum i visit {also called catalyst oddly enough} a similar thread is going and i received the reply Automatically detected author name on webpage: kyle vanderzanden. Error: Author...