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    Google My Business missing photos workaround

    No, geotagging was not violating TOS. 90% of my home inspectors in my area use their home address. I would be very disappointed if I were suspended. Highly rated, posts, etc. Plus my marketing budget is exclusive to Google. Highly skeptical about converting to a SAB given what I've heard...
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    I am a home inspector and have a GMB site that I am having an issue loading photos. Google support has asked me to verify my storefront with permanent signage. I work out of my house and am fearful that if I don't switch, I will be banned. I've put alot of work into ratings etc. Don't want...
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    Google My Business missing photos workaround

    Started with deleting the geotag. Then resize. Manual pushes on their end in both cases did not result in photos publishing. Now they are requesting that i provide a photo of my storefront. I will do that but something tells me that has nothing to do with the issue. Understand adherence to...
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    Google My Business missing photos workaround

    I'm aware of service area business is and TOS for Google. I've had my listings online now through GMB for a period of 3 years. No issues. Why are my photos now not appearing? Be aware that I did take one of my listings and identified it as a SAB however that too did not fix my photo problem
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    Tools to upload multiple photos to GMB, one or two per day?

    My photos are not appearing. I have been caught up in Google customer support for weeks. Nothing appears. This all started when I deleted photos from each of my 3 locations and geotagged them. I've tried everything.
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    Google My Business missing photos workaround

    I am having issues. I deleted photos. Geotagged them and uploaded. They would not appear. Google said to resize them. I've done that. Nothing. Now they want me to provide a storefront photo. Seems like they are fishing. They also suggested i delete my address and go with service based listing...