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    Flagged listings removed but then reappear

    I have flagged a few listings that obviously use their home address as their business address but do not service clients at their location. Their location does not have a sign so their listings were removed by Google when they were reported. But after a few weeks, their listings now show up...
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    Google places email signature with updating review count

    I came across this in an email reply from a contractor. It is an email signature with the users Google Places rating that also has an auto up to date count of their reviews. Does anyone here know how to add this as a signature from my Google Business Listing?
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    Does adding service areas create a radius?

    Still trying to figure out this service area deal. Does it make sense to only add the areas and cities surrounding other areas we service, or should we be adding the areas within as well to the list? An example below shows the area coverage from Markham to Mississisauga and from Brampton to...