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    Is there a way to verify service area google plus business page yet?

    Is there a way to verify your google plus business page that is a service area yet? Also, is there a way to merge the google plus business page to your google places listing?
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    One of my major competitors is using a site called

    I noticed my competitor got a big jump up when Penguin 2.0 hit a few months ago (and my site went down :-|) and I have been doing a lot of research and noticed that they are using a service called ... how in the heck has their website not got slapped with penguin but...
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    Google webmaster tools showing links that I don't have.

    Hi, I had a few links on squidoo and ezine that I ended up completely deleting the articles I had on there about 2 months ago. Google webmaster tools is still showing that I have links from those sites. Is it doing this because google hasn't crawled those pages yet? Is there a way I can tell...
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    Trying to figure out why I am dropping in the SERPS

    Hello everyone! I am trying to figure out what has dropped me so hard in the SERPS after penguin 2.0 rolled out. My website is Junk Removal Atlanta - Advance Junk Removal Service in Atlanta, GA and it use to be ranked real high organically for keyword "junk removal" and also keyword "junk...
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    Question on verifying Google Plus business page

    Just a question, are you able to verify your google plus business page if you are a service area yet? I see where it gives me an option but I remember reading somewhere that your not suppose to do this.
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    My website ranking has fallen the recently and I don't know why.

    My website was number 1 or 2 on first page organically for "keyword + city" for the past 3 years and after the new penguin rolled out we suddenly dropped down to 5. I don't do black hat seo and another thing I noticed is a crappy site or 2 above me now. I just don't get it! I write blog posts...
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    Places Ranking

    Hi, I had a listing that ended up getting deleted out of google maps because I didn't have the address hidden and I completely deleted it out of my google places dashboard and made a new listing that went live at the end up January. Question is, my places listing is ranking for a few keywords...
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    Google webmaster tools problem

    Not sure if it goes here in this category, if not sorry. When I click on links to my site on google webmaster tools, ever since I can remember I have had well over 500 links. Last time I checked (about a week ago) I had 633 links to my site, but I just checked now and I only have 141 total...
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    Citations with hidden address

    Hello, someone recommended me to these forums and I am glad I found you guys! I have a couple of questions. I had a business listing that I did NOT hide the address and it was ranking really high for my main keyword for almost 3 years and then it was gone because we are a service area company...