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  1. Daniel C Berman

    Local Business SEO General Microdata WordPress Plugin

    Curious if anybody has used's WordPress Schema Plugin WordPress › Local Business SEO ? WordPress Plugins The part that unnerves me is the "invisible to any visitor." Wouldn't Google consider this a form of cloaking and thus shoot any SEO benefits out the door? It does...
  2. Daniel C Berman

    Client Moved - Google+ Local shows updated Address but Old Location

    Client had to move their business across town. I updated the address in the new dashboard and while the new address is showing live, if you click on the address link it takes you to the physical location of the old business location (and thus screws directions up, and so forth) Here's the page...
  3. Daniel C Berman

    Possible Move Against Partial Match Domans, Will GeoModifers in Domains Get Hit?

    Noticed this Moz article by Dr-Pete Early Look at Google's June 25 Algo Update - Moz And was just curious if people are seeing Geo-Modifiers in domains getting hit by this possible algo adjustment for partial match domains as well?
  4. Daniel C Berman

    Say Goodbye To Non-branded Keyword Traffic If You?re In The Local Carousel

    While I still believe that Google sees a benefit beyond just ad impressions with the local carousel, there are some definite issues with analytics and reporting that we may have to deal with. From Greg Gifford, Google Local Carousel Will Hide Keyword Traffic | Local Search Update
  5. Daniel C Berman

    Keywords that Return Local Results

    Has anyone found Google to return local results some place at some time for geo-modifers + keywords that outside of the Google + Local categories or synonyms that Mike Blumenthal has listed in his category search tool -> Category Search at least in English? Or for local SEO can we actually...
  6. Daniel C Berman

    Google Data Highlighter Now Supports Local Business Markup

    The Google Data Highlighter now supports tags relating to schema. Data Highlighter - Local Businesses - Webmaster Tools Help Anybody gotten to experiment with it yet for this?
  7. Daniel C Berman

    Using Google Mapmaker Categories as Local SEO Competitor Research

    With the little bit I have been dabbling with Google Map Maker, I have noticed that Google periodically comes through and adds additional categories to various places presumably based on site content as well as the various link and interest graphs pointing to the site. As the Map Maker...
  8. Daniel C Berman

    Pending Listing & Known Duplicate that I can't report

    So I appear to have gotten myself in a pickle. After changing to a unique account Google places account and changed my Google Voice Number to something more local to my service area I ended up in the following situation which I posted to the Google Places product forum...
  9. Daniel C Berman

    Is Your Website Being Replaced with Google+ Local Listings?

    Spotted this come through on SEOMOZ Is Your Website Being Replaced with Google Plus Local Listings? - YouMoz | SEOmoz Sounds like fighting against Google's algorithm which I can't see being a good thing for fear of it changing. What do you guys think?
  10. Daniel C Berman

    NAP Consistency for Service Area Businesses

    NAP Consistency between on-page content and offline citations is a given. I am curious what people suggest for service area businesses should do in regards to onsite content for local SEO, to maintain NAP consistency when the most you might want to reveal is a Cell Phone Number and PO Box to...
  11. Daniel C Berman

    Business with Active Google Places profile, but Marked Closed in Mapmaker

    I have a retail store client with an active profile in Google places dashboard, with all necessary info completed and a status of active in dashboard. When I click on the see your listing on Google link, I get the following message ""We currently do not support the location" on a