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    SAB Upgraded in New Dash - Lost Authorship

    SAB here, i just logged in recently, noticed the new dash and this "create a businesss + page" link on the left side. clicked that, created the + page and now my authorship markup and personal plus listing that was linked in the results are gone and the listing dropped 3 places when i next...
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    What's the proper way to rank other keywords in places?

    just curious about something as we rank very well for our main keywords but have expanded a bit. site is Mountain View Carpet Cleaning Hillsboro Oregon And Beaverton and i'm wondering what i would do to rank for tile and grout cleaning in locals? do i have to make a custom category for tile and...
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    If you've been around awhile you have probably seen countless threads from plumbers, carpet cleaners and HVAC owners that say something like "one day this telemarketer {which was really google} called from 650 253 2000 and we hung up on them, then, our page disappeared! Well, guess what, you're...
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    Authorship Markup Problems

    i'm trying to figure out how to get this to work in the validator. site is Carpet Cleaning Hillsboro Oregon | Mountain View Carpet Care and i added a footer link to my plus author page as well as verify the domain email but it's not checking out on the google checker tool. you can see the link...
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    Google places issues and the dreaded 650 phone call

    about one month ago i received a call that i assumed was a solicitor, turns out it was google, shortly there after my places location is gone, one of them at least. after getting help in the google forum and writing to the local help email i get this in reply what's the average wait time for...