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  1. pony

    Multiple Facebook profiles for same business

    Hi all, I am working with a small business that has created multiple Facebook profiles over the years, some of which they no longer have access to. Does anyone have suggestions on how we might clean up this mess? I am able to contact Facebook to resolve the issue, or are we best just putting...
  2. pony

    Answering GMB Q&A in bulk

    Are there any solutions that allow GMB Q&As to be answered in bulk? It looks like the only want to ask/answer questions is directly through the Knowledge Panel interface.
  3. pony

    Newer Mobile Rich Results - How to Obtain?

    Hi everyone, I've been seeing more testing of small enhanced SERP features on local mobile results in the hotel space and was wondering if anyone had any experience or reading materials they could share with me on how to optimize for these types of features. Some examples below (all of these...
  4. pony

    BrightLocal - Google My Business Insights Study

    Howdy y'all, I saw an article posted today on searchengineland referencing a study recently done by BrightLocal where they analyzed GMB metrics for 45,000 profiles and some of the insights were new to me so I figured I would share! I did a search to see if anyone was talking about this study...