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    Weird Sitelink Issue

    Hello everyone! I've run into a pretty confusing issue with a client of mine. I work primarily with car dealerships and the typical sitelinks you see under their SERPs are their profit center pages (New inventory, used inventory, etc). However with one of my clients their sitelinks are showing...
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    Google Generated Sitelinks

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on Google-generated sitelinks in SERPs? I do a lot of local SEO for car dealerships and I've noticed some sitelinks appear in my SERPs that aren't even internal links on the page in the results. I've even seen examples of Google adding a sitelink to...
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    Cool Link Building Strategies Tool

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a helpful tool that was just shown to me. The folks over at Point Blank SEO put together this sweet tool to develop link building strategies. You can choose the value of the link you want to gain from low to high and how much time you have to gain this link...
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    Google Webmaster Tools Issue

    Hello everyone, I hope this is in the correct place. I'm having an issue with GWT and it has me pretty worried.. A few days back I logged in to see that a warning message had appeared saying Googlebot cannot access certain pages on my site when it tries to crawl them.. I used Wordpress and the...