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  1. John Tabita

    Can't Verify Changes to Google Local Page, Error Message

    We've made changes to a client's Google Local listing, but every time I press the "Verify Now" button, it takes me briefly to the map, then an error message: "Sorry we're having some issues at the moment. Please try again later." This has been happening the past few days. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. John Tabita

    SEO for Local Directories

    We are adding content to our local directory site. We have pages that contain various types of listings, like community events, golf courses, government offices, etc. The META data has the city and state (e.g., Delaware OH). But the individual listings only have the city, not the state or zip...
  3. John Tabita

    Can I Use the Same Gmail Account to Claim Multiple Listings?

    My personal Gmail account is the "owner" on our company's Google+ Page. I plan on claiming the listings of our two out-of-State sales offices. Can I do so using the same Gmail address? Of should I create a separate Gmail account to claim each listing? Thanks!
  4. John Tabita

    Best Practices for creating Google+ and/or Google+ Local Pages

    I'm looking for best practices for creating Google+ and/or Google+ Local Pages. We offer both social media profile creation and Google+ Local claiming. With all the recent changes, these two separate services potentially conflict. Here's what happens. A client purchases our claimed listings...
  5. John Tabita

    Branded Searches vs Keyword Searches

    I'm wondering if there is any data available on how many people conduct a branded search vs. a location-based keyword search. For example, when someone needs a plumber, what percentage of people search for a specific plumber (e.g., joe's plumbing columbus oh) vs. doing a local search (plumber...
  6. John Tabita

    Attorney appearing in Google Local results without a physical location in the city

    One of our reps found this. Elk & Elk appears in the local results when you search for 'attorneys in washington courthouse ohio'. The address shows up in the listing only as Washington Ct Hs, OH, no street address. According to their site, Elk & Elk has no office in that city. When I click on...
  7. John Tabita

    Good Idea or Bad? Build a Secondary Site to Rank in a City You're Not Located In

    I hope you all can help. I have a sales rep whose strategy has been to sell the client a secondary website with a different “geographical focus” so he appears is a local search in a city in which he's not located. Case in point. A computer repair company in Heath OH (population 10,300) already...
  8. John Tabita

    City Name in Title Tag: the city you're in, or the city you want business from?

    I think I already know the answer, but here's my question: Our client is in Heath, but wants to target Newark, which is only 5 miles away, yet has 5 times the population. Putting 'Newark' rather than 'Heath' in the title tag really does nothing for him, since Google sees that his physical...
  9. John Tabita

    Questions about changing address / business name on local listings

    This is my first post, so hopefully I'm asking in the correct forum. We recently started claiming Google, Yahoo! and Bing listing for our clients. But there are a few things I need clarification on: Address Discrepancies The customer may provide a slightly different address than their Google...