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  1. therkf

    Trending [November 5, 2019 Local Algorithm Update] Unexplained big drops in GMB rankings

    Interesting! I missed the initial big shift this week (buried in a project), but had a business owner in CA referred to us today because of a devasting drop. She's a storefront with service area (delivery) and claims to have lost 75% of her sales after being punted from the Local Pack. In this...
  2. therkf

    Two Doctors, One Phone Line

    Yes - I'm going to try my best to differentiate. The phone number is the biggest concern right away.
  3. therkf

    Two Doctors, One Phone Line

    @Colan, Both are naturopathic doctors, one focusing more on aesthetics, the other on regenerative treatments.
  4. therkf

    Two Doctors, One Phone Line

    It's been a while since I've had a client in this scenario, so I will definitely appreciate any guidance. We've picked up two new clients who happen to be sharing the same office. Each has a distinct name for their practice, but the have the same address, suite, and phone number. One has an...
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    Speed Plugin for WordPress sites

    Hosting can definitely be an issue. If the DB server is overloaded (see: cheap web hosting) there's very little you can do to improve the overall speed. As above, test with WebPageTest and see what your TTFB is.