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  1. MChuckGreen

    Huge News: A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

    Thank you Joy! I have one clarifying question. On the form page Google states: A large portion of the spam listing we come across are just straight up fake listings, rather than legit businesses who are simply gaming one of 3 elements (name, phone number, URL). Should plainly fake listings...
  2. MChuckGreen

    Duplicate + Spam GMB Listing - Please Help with Removal

    Hi all! A client of mine has a competitor in New Hampshire who has created a duplicate GMB listing with the name "Car Accident Lawyer NH". Needless to say, the listing dominates even though it's pure spam. I have tried for months now to get Google to remove it, with no luck. Can y'all please...
  3. MChuckGreen

    How Proximity (and ZIP codes) Impact Local Rankings

    Thanks Dillon. What I found most compelling when I was doing the research for this mini-study was that the law firms with the most local search visibility still only showed up the in the 3-pack 14% of the time for the keyword I tested. It's essential for law firms and other businesses in...
  4. MChuckGreen

    Company Gold Star Rating and Reviews in SERP

    You should be able to include just 1 review on the page in schema language and get the stars to display in search. I have had success with this for several clients. Just make sure the review matches the product/service that the page discusses. Here is a review code generator if...