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    Do Google ever remove photos from a GMB listing?

    A couple of 360 photos have been added to my GMB page which have nothing to do with the listing. They've been there since June 2018, I've probably reported them at least 20 times since then, but still nothing gets done. Has anyone ever managed to get incorrect photos removed?
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    What happened to my old profile and posts from productforums?

    I haven't used productdorums for a while, went and made a post in the community today (boy is that confusing now) and found my profile is completely different. What happened to old productforum profiles and old posts? Is there a way to get that profile back or link old content with the new...
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    Spam / Scam .it domains and sub domains flooding Google results pages

    Anyone else noticing the spam and scam .it domains and sub domains flooding the Google results pages? (note, not just .it domains, but lots of them) To see a typical example search for Wheelchair Ramps, go down to page 10+ and you start seeing them Here is an example screenshot when I looked...
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    Google My Business Listing website not secure?

    I've just created a website for a Google My Business Listing and linked it up to a domain registered via Google Domains. This automatically creates the website on the domain but it is the non secure version http:// The Google help files say "Use a Google website that provides SSL security for...
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    Google Classes Cyrprus as a Service Area for UK

    For UK based businesses, if you change a Google My Business listing, remove the address, Google defaults the Service area to UK Nothing particularly bad with this if you do service the UK, problem is Google is classing Cyprus as a UK service area resulting in the shaded area being all of UK...
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    Is Google creating more listings with data obtained from elsewhere

    I know Google has always created Maps listings from data obtained from elsewhere but is it getting more aggressive doing this? I have numerous websites set up for various projects. Although they are not actual businesses I always put my full business address on them and have a page saying ***...
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    Google My Business Answers Link

    As some will know I created a review link that others then automated. This morning I've been playing with a link generator for Google My Business Answers. If any of you guys who automate these things better (if you haven't already) want to expand on this and...