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  1. Doublet7t

    My "Google Adwords" Rookie Mistake

    I had a Google AdWords account that I was using and when running the ads I had the link going to Facebook messager, so they could speak to me. I did receive a warning, but at that time I didn't really know why they were giving me warnings because I DIDN"T READ GOOGLE"S POLICY... Yes, yes I know...
  2. Doublet7t

    2018 Expert Local Citation Survey

    @rosie.brightlocal Your article was very informative and it has lead me to asking some questions :) All the research that you did with this has been amazing. I have used MOZ local to start the citation building process to make it faster. My next step was going to be building them manually to...
  3. Doublet7t

    Google Plus is Dying - What Now?

    @Phil Rozek I read your blog post and I thought it had great insights on how to move away from Google +. The good news for me I didn't really do a whole lot with Google + ; however, I do a lot with GMB post. I don't have any stats on it as if holds water for ranking, but it can help expand the...