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    Listing Takes You To Maps, Do I Need to Create a Business Page Now?

    Have a new client that is now on the new dashboard but when I go in there and look to view his listing, it goes to Maps. I'm assuming I have to create a business+ page for him in order to have a local+ page (if that's what it's still called, thought I read it may change yet again) Are...
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    View listing shows competitors

    Hello there, I have a funny feeling this isnt going to be the first time you have heard of this problem. So I go into clients dashboard today and then on the .."view" link in the upper right, it takes you to his competitors store. This is a location that I have had the ..we do not support...
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    Using a Toll Free # as Main #, Any chance to Rank?

    hello everyone, I have a client that has been using a toll free # for his main business and thats what he has on his existing Google Places listing. its also whats listed in several citation sites. I know its best practice to have a local # but he has really branded himself with his toll...
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    When Client Does Not Have Login for Google Local Places

    we have a new client who had a similar issue to previous client. They have a partially filled out and claimed places listing but have no clue on the login info. Is it best to go in and create a new one and then merge the 2? Thanks chris
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    Looking for Article on length of time to rank

    hello there, i recall reading a forum post in here that either linked out to an article or it was discussion where people were now telling clients its going to take 6 to 12 months to rank, gone are the 90 days or less. can anyone point that out to me, i cant find it now. thanks chris
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    Working With Big Brand Insurance Agent

    hi there, I need some advice here... have a farmers insurance agent in a suburb outside of KC, we have him ranking great for kw + geomodifer but on his places ranking, its lacking. one issue is we dont have access to his on page, so no onpage seo, no kml file, no geocoding, etc he...
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    Weird results for verizon stores

    Hello everyone, I have a verizon client with a few stores close to each other. They all seem to be franchise stores and we had them ranking but over the last month, ive noticed google has changed from a 7 pack blended to 3 pack and some of my results im getting are just crazy. When i do a...
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    Can you have a 2nd user/admin for google local?

    Does anyone know how or if, a client can add me to their google local plus page as a 2nd admin/user, they have already verified and really dont want to hand over their password bc its on their google plus personal page. Thanks Chris
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    Switching from hide address to show address

    IHi there, have a locksmith where I had initially set up not to show his location but now he wants it to show up on his local plus page b/c he does have a store front and is open even on runs to customers. If I change it, will it have any adverse affect on his current rankings? Thanks Chris