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    How to get a DNS-verified Search Console domain to connect with Google Analytics?

    Hi there, Wondering if there's a trick to getting a connection setup between a dns verified domain in search console, and it's Google Analytics account? It doesn't show up as an option in the list when I try... Thank you, Steph H
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    Google Analytics not sending emails. Resource error.

    Hi there, Not sure where to put this, but we just noticed that wer're getting a resource error when trying to send a report email. Resource is not available. Please try again later. One or more of the services on which we depend is unavailable. Please try again later after the service has had...
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    Client disappeared in 3-pack & organic after GMB category priority change

    Hello, I have a client, an eye care practice in Fort Myers, FL. She opened in early December 2018, and her site went live at about the same time. I helped her get her GMB verified, etc. Originally had her GMB categories as: 1) Optometrist 2) Eye care center 3) Optician...
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    Which category & order to use? Optometrist / Eye Care Center

    Hello, This is a question I've wondered about for awhile now. I've got a few similar clients like the one below, so hoping someone can shed some light. I've got a client who just opened an optometric practice. Johnson Eyecare - Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Fort Myers, FL She's the only...