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    Tools to upload multiple photos to GMB, one or two per day?

    That's a great question! I have heard of agencies that can schedule out GMB Posts which allow for you to upload videos or photos along with the Post. I am not sure if they allow you to exclusively just schedule photos or if it must be supplementing a Post. Social Media Management Software &...
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    Google Maps not showing website and directions link

    Looks like Google is getting rid of website and direction links in the Map pack. You now have to click into the listing to see the website and direction options. Does this mean I expect to start seeing a decrease in GMB impressions for my clients?
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    GMB UTM best practices for chains?

    I usually just add 2 for the second location: ?utm_source=GMBlisting2.... Or I'll add the geo if there are several locations: ?utm_source=GMBlistingRichmond.....
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    Does it make sense to backlink from local citations....

    Hey Mike, I have not heard that Google does not rank due to no address being displayed. It may just be a competitive market where your friend is located. I have seen SAB's rank in Map Pack. (See attached screenshot. The third business listed is an ac contractor that does not list his address.) I...
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    Map Pin Issue

    You can try sending feedback to Google by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your search results page. Make sure the inaccurate address is pulled up on your screen. Click Send Feedback found at the footer of Google. See attached screenshot. You will then be prompted to take a screenshot of...
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    Does verifying my GMB prevent users from changing location details so often?

    I would definitely recommend getting that location verified. Verified listings tend to be considered more relevant in Google's eyes which means it can help boost your Map visibility for that location. I have never seen one of my verified locations get the address changed through a suggested...
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    GMB Phone Support No More?

    I just spoke with them yesterday using this link, Google My Business Help