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  1. TomW

    Service Area - Zip Codes vs. Counties

    Hi Niki, Google automatically converted a lot of service-areas on listings to be within the limit of 20 during the past day or so. Some of the auto conversions that I have seen didn't go so well. Yes, you can combine different types. So you can pick a combination of zip codes, cities, counties...
  2. TomW

    User Profiles on Maps

    Not sure how new this is but there is now an option to add/edit your profile on the Google Maps app. From there you can see your contributions (reviews, photos, Q&A, lists, edits) and you can add a bio: More info about profiles can be found here: My profile - Android - Google Maps Help
  3. TomW

    Local Service Ads

    This can vary a lot depending on the business and agency but beyond additional guidance setting up an account and listing, an agency's level of involvement could include assisting with reporting, listening to calls and disputing invalid leads, and keeping an eye out for additional features in...
  4. TomW

    (Wrong) Directions to Hidden Addresses showing on Maps

    It's a good though @Rich Owings but from my testing, it does not. The physical address of the listing is still what is being used. In addition to the directions issue, Google Maps will often show "Transit nearby" options that are based on the center of the service area and not the actual...
  5. TomW

    Found Local Service Ads in GMB (SIAP)

    The physical location associated with the Local Services ad is a huge factor. Doesn't matter if it's residential or commercial. In the specific example in this thread for garage door repair near Buford, GA, the two Local Services ads aren't for locations 1-2 hours away. One is in Buford and...
  6. TomW

    LSA radius

    @iwebresults I don't know what type of business or where it is but why not just expand the service area in their Local Services ad so it reflects where all they work? Just be sure they have appropriate licensing required for the areas and that the new technicians have passed the background...
  7. TomW

    Duplicate LSA listings, and franchises showing two locations in LSA's

    A business isn't required to have a storefront location and a business shouldn't be excluded just because it's home-based, but there is an issue when it comes to additional "locations" for a business in LSA. There's a lot of abuse here and location standards are lower than they are in GMB...
  8. TomW

    Google injecting People Also Ask in GMB KPs

    I saw this one in February: And this one in March: But it's no longer showing on either of those listings.
  9. TomW

    Google My Business "Get a Quote" Button

    I see it as "Get a Quote" in the US. "Request a Quote" sounds a little more polite so that's probably the Canadian version. ;)
  10. TomW

    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    Thanks for the kind words, @Rich Owings! We did talk and I think they're on the right path to get started in LSA now.
  11. TomW

    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    Hi @Rich Owings, sorry my wording there is a little confusing. What I meant is that a Google My Business listing isn't required to be in LSA. So it is possible for a business that doesn't have a GMB listing to participate in LSA. The same account can be used for GMB and LSA, but even if they're...
  12. TomW

    Google Guaranteed icon question

    Hi Sarah, it is not allowed. I don't know of any situation where they would give a business permission to do so.
  13. TomW

    New Layout on Mobile for Branded Searches

    Posts have already been down there for a while... but now some other elements from GMB have decided to join them
  14. TomW

    Create second location to qualify for LSA

    You should be able to sign up. Did you try the self sign up form? It will accept that zip code.
  15. TomW

    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    Hey @Tony Wang and @JoshuaMackens If a business pauses their ad in LSA they will continue to show in the free results section (without the guarantee) but their profile will still indicate that they've passed the background checks. And I believe that the listing can still appear in Assistant...
  16. TomW

    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    It's a tough sell. Go through the pain of LSA onboarding only to appear in Assistant results where consumers aren't likely looking for you. I would assume the business could then join LSA at that point though since they've already passed the checks. A great one to try would be a painting...
  17. TomW

    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    Yes, it would be great to test this out. Anyone have any clients or friends in any of these categories that aren't already in LSA? Plumbers House cleaners Locksmiths Heating and air conditioning services Electricians Garage door repair services House painters Appliance repair services
  18. TomW

    Google Guaranteed and Voice Search and Local ads

    Local Services results have been present on Google Assistant and Google Home since November 2017. Google has not been charging businesses for these leads. If you're already in Local Services, your listing can appear in Assistant results. My understanding is that if you are not already in LSA...
  19. TomW

    Suggest an edit reason for removal - copyright / legal violation

    Just noticed this as an option for "Reason for removal" When I tried to submit with that option it didn't work for me: Joy says when she tried it, she was sent to the legal request form: Removing Content From Google - Legal Help Has anyone else seen or tried this option?
  20. TomW

    Huge News: A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

    Until the conclusion of said amelioration, if you observe any additional spurious Google My Business listings, I implore you to continue to offer your findings to the felicitous authorities at Google via the Business Redressal Complaint form in its current configuration.