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  1. pony

    What to do when you have all your bases covered?

    I've taken a look at the SERPs and found both your locations. When I perform the search "seo agency cleveland" from here in Arizona, neither of your locations are showing up on the first page of the map results. I do see one of your listings on the first page of the organic results, which is...
  2. pony

    What to do when you have all your bases covered?

    Sorry I mean the listing being new, not the address. Most tracking tools that allow you to set the search engine as a city/location will use the exact coordinates of the center of the city as the basis for where the search is being performed. Almost as if the user was standing at the very...
  3. pony

    What to do when you have all your bases covered?

    Are you using any local modifiers when performing those searches? i.e. changing the location from which the search is performed and/or adding 'cleveland' to the queries? I have never used that tool before but you are performing local searches. If you are standing at your Cleveland office and...
  4. pony

    How to attribute PAID MAP Ads vs a ORGANIC MAP / GMB traffic

    I still use a unique query parameter is the URLs we provided to GMB so that we can track organic ma-pack traffic and it has worked just fine for years.
  5. pony

    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    What are the businesses names legally registered as? If they have submitted paperwork that denotes each business with those unique names or have signage that displays them then it's fine to use.
  6. pony

    What's the deal with ADA Website Compliance?

    Some people are serial suing websites for non-ada compliance but it's not working for them, as the courts have realized they are just the equivalent of a patent troll. I wouldn't worry about someone with nefarious plans when it comes to ADA, but make sure your site is actually usable by those...
  7. pony

    Splitting multiple websites from one umbrella site is, What are the pros and cons from SEO Point of view?

    To be completely honest with you, what you have proposed sounds like it will do much more damage than it will do any benefit to your business.
  8. pony

    Splitting multiple websites from one umbrella site is, What are the pros and cons from SEO Point of view?

    Pros: being able to work the most important keywords for each service directly into the domain name of the new website Cons: if links are built to a particular service, the other service does not get to benefit from any of the value
  9. pony

    Multiple Facebook profiles for same business

    Hi all, I am working with a small business that has created multiple Facebook profiles over the years, some of which they no longer have access to. Does anyone have suggestions on how we might clean up this mess? I am able to contact Facebook to resolve the issue, or are we best just putting...
  10. pony

    Grid-type tools for service-area biz with hidden address?

    Falcons vs. Vikings - who will win?
  11. pony

    Apple Maps Traffic in Google Analytics

    This seems to be the case actually, although I am not positive. The pages with and without the query param both canonicalize back to the page without the params yet I still see both in the pages tab of the performance report in GSC.
  12. pony

    Apple Maps Traffic in Google Analytics

    I'm not using UTM parameters, but do use a query param in my GMB links and I can see them to this day in GSC as separate pages.
  13. pony

    What backlink work for a client paying $500 and $1000 a month?

    Are they local business? If so, acquiring locally relevant links from local directories, the chamber of commerce, etc. are going to provide awesome value and will be relevant to the admins of those sites. Hard to say without knowing the business type. But build natural links will provide...
  14. pony

    Selecting canonical

    What happens when you inspect the http versions? If your site is really small, and the change was recent, they may have just not crawled the older pages to see the 301s yet.
  15. pony

    Selecting canonical

    do the http versions 301 to the https versions now? If you wanted to make sure, you could add canonicals on the http versions pointing to the https versions.
  16. pony

    Are you seeing declining organic traffic for lodging sites?

    Yes. And your client is valid in their hesitancy to join due to the OTA madness. Spending the time and energy to make sure they are matching rates property leads to a debate on whether or not the traffic is worth it but not being there seems to be a huge detriment.
  17. pony

    Are you seeing declining organic traffic for lodging sites?

    Are your clients not participating in Google Hotels? I'll just say that there has been and industry wide shift from organic > meta search due to big changes in G's end.
  18. pony

    Three pack stats

    The question isn't... ... rather what percentage of clicks go to the map-pack when it is present in a SERP. Your question is not the correct way to look at it because the same physical property has an opportunity to rank in both the organic listings as well as the map-pack. Not one or the...
  19. pony

    Cookies pop-up on website is trending. Should we add?

    I was talking with a lawyer close to the makers of the California law and supposedly the original writers are so uhappy with what came of the bill they submitted that they plan on completely scrapping it and come up with a new law in the next couple of months. Meaning, everyone who made changes...
  20. pony

    No 'message you' data showing in Customer actions

    I think that metric only counts the old SMS messages done directly through the knowledge panel. I don't believe those messages used to go to the app but they are now? When I used to use the SMS messages I would see data populate there, but since all messaging has migrated to the app I have not...