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  1. Justin Mosebach

    CallRail Now Integrates Directly into GMB "The integration also allows for a clean separation between GMB and other organic traffic within CallRail’s reporting." "The integration even lets you keep your main business line as a secondary number to maintain NAP consistency."...
  2. Justin Mosebach

    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    I've filled out the bulk import spreadsheet, but I keep getting this error message (even when I wait several days to upload the file)... I've tried multiple times on different days and it still keeps happening. I've contacted support by email and they haven't replied. There are no other...
  3. Justin Mosebach

    Google Announcement About Mixed HTTP/HTTPS Pages

    This could impact a large number of small business websites. Make sure your websites don't have any mixed http/https content by Feb 2020. ....
  4. Justin Mosebach

    Missing Store Codes in GMB?

    Just checked the dashboard in Google My Business this morning and noticed that all of the locations (for multiple clients) are suddenly missing store codes. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. Justin Mosebach

    TripAdvisor Optimization Tips?

    We have an attraction client that's trying to rank on internal TripAdvisor searches for "Top Attractions in [County, State]". That page also ranks well in Google SERPs, so it's also a barnacle SEO strategy. Part of the problem is likely that the attraction is located near the edge of the...
  6. Justin Mosebach

    GMB Bulk: Do image URLs hotlink or are they hosted by Google?

    When doing a bulk upload spreadsheet and including image/logo URLs, will those image URLs always need to stay the same in the future? Or, is Google simply going to the image file one time, downloading it, and then hosting it? IOW, I'm trying to figure out what happens if an image URL would...
  7. Justin Mosebach

    GrubHub is buying web domains for the restaurants it lists

    A web developer friend just sent this to me: GrubHub is buying web domains for the restaurants it lists (updated)
  8. Justin Mosebach

    Embedding Google My Maps API Charge?

    I know that embedding a regular Google Map with 1 pushpin is free, but is that the same case with embedding Google My Maps? I can't find any official documentation about it.
  9. Justin Mosebach

    Google Announces Maps Messaging Updates for Businesses & GMB

    Today, Google announced that Maps Messages is rolling out to more countries, BUT they also snuck in this at the bottom of the post: Several thoughts: Is this a new feature for the GMB app or has it been available in the US/Canada for a while? Hopefully this means that businesses will no...