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    Editing GMBs WITHOUT Re-verification & Getting listings pulled?

    Hello y'all A couple of months ago I was editing a listing for a client, it was already claimed and everything but lacked a lot of information so I simply did a complete makeover on it, not thinking too much about it. Then shortly after it was pulled, long story short, I did nothing wrong and...
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    What are your tricks for ranking a SAB in other cities?

    Since adding service areas seemingly does nothing to the ranking, how do you make sure your GMB pops up in other cities which you are not located in? Location keywords in descriptions & GMB posts? Getting reviews with those keywords? Is there anything else you can do? I've got a website...
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    Keyword Stuffing in Business Names Question

    Hello! I read up on this on Here's a snippet: Does the business name on the listing match what’s on their sign in Street View? Does the business name on the listing match what is listed on their business license? You can look at how a business is registered by searching for...
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    Does Google Save Data on Unclaimed Listings?

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking here quite a bit over the last month or so as i've been learning about specifically GMB listings and it's been great! Thank you for a nice forum. Now, I've stumbled upon a question I couldn't find any answer to which is what the topic says, or more...