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  1. iFuse

    Hiring a Local Paid Search Manager

    My agency is looking for someone well versed in running paid ad campaigns primarily on Google along with building out retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Please email me directly if you know someone or you are interested - Thanks!
  2. iFuse

    Client Drops Bomb

    Hi all, have a client that just let us know that they are re-branding and will want to change their URL. It's been a while since I have done this, what's the best way to go about this and are we basically starting all over SEO wise? Thanks!
  3. iFuse

    Doctor vs. Practice Listings

    Currently we only really focus on the practice's citations/listings, is this a mistake? Should we be trying to track down all of these doc listings to ensure the NAP matches? Thanks!
  4. iFuse

    Geo-tagging Photos - Worth It?

    Am I wasting my time by geo-tagging photos with location and NAP info for the GMB profile? Seems like it strips the EXIF data out when I do it anyway? Thanks!
  5. iFuse

    Hiring A Project Manager For Our Agency!

    This is a remote based position, click the link for details and to apply. Hit me up with any questions. You can learn more about KickStart Dental Marketing on our website. Thanks! Digital Agency Project Manager - Work Remotely - Denver, CO -
  6. iFuse

    Call Tracking & Local Search

    Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed more than once, but I am trying to figure out a way to get credit for more calls when using call tracking. As of now we use DNI through CallRail, and it does a great job of tracking calls once the prospect goes to the clients website, however we lose...
  7. iFuse

    Duplicate Content Question

    Hi all, I have a question for you regarding duplicate content on websites. I know it's bad, but how does Google figure out what is what? I have found a competitor to my client that has copied our content word for word on their services pages on their website. Who does google penalize for this...
  8. iFuse

    Local Marketing Summit?

    Anybody going to this event this week in Phoenix?
  9. iFuse

    Only 3 Google+ Local Listings Showing - Why?

    If you do a search for "pediatric dentist noblesville in" only 3 local listings how up and the first 2 are the same practice. Why is this and what causes it? Also why is it that the search "pediatric dentist noblesville" does not trigger google+ local listings, you have to add the state...
  10. iFuse

    Yext Duplicate Listing Suppression Service

    Has anyone tried this yet from Yext? I know that they have been working on this initiative for a while, planning on taking a look at it today, I will let you know what I find out. Here is the email: Hi Chris, Today we?re excited to announce Duplicate Suppression, a revolutionary new...
  11. iFuse

    Dentist Maps Optimization - Dr's Listing vs. Practice Listing

    Hi all, I just got off the phone with Google and they said that they cannot merge my clients practice listing with the doctors listings b/c there is more than 1 doc that works there. The rep said this will not cause ranking issues b/c Goog knows that they are the same practice. My issue is...
  12. iFuse

    Local SEO & Link Building

    Hi guys, really enjoy the forum and plan on doing more posting in the near future! I run a small local digital agency in Denver and we have been pretty much ignoring link building for local SEO clients. Other than the links that are built from citation building. I wanted to try to start a...