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  1. sergiuliano

    Local SEO / SEM Events List

    Please help me add more Events to the following SEO / SEM Events List: Thanks!
  2. sergiuliano

    Local Carousel TOP Factors - Correlation Analysis

    Hot analysis about top Local SEO factors correlated with Local Carousel High Rankings, this is the mathematic proof that Social Media is playing a major role in reaching top rankings.
  3. sergiuliano

    Keyword Non-Provided Analysis

    Here is a very interesting analysis on non-provided keywords issue. Avinash has also some suggestions about how to build an analysis on it, which will be nice to follow-up with other members of the forum: full article: Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, The Future
  4. sergiuliano

    Google Local Carousel Rankings and Competition Analysis Tool

    Google Local Carousel Rankings and Competition analysis tool on different locations has just been released by GeoRanker. Why a website shall be listed on the Carousel? Because of its high CTR, being listed on Google Carousel can considerable increase revenues to any - small, medium or large...
  5. sergiuliano

    Free Local Rank Checker

    Need to check your website position on Google in another location ( city ) than yours? Here is a free tool which runs Google queries with local IP addresses on over 40.000 locations around the world: Free Local Rank Checker - for Google Organic and Blended SERPs You can also check which...
  6. sergiuliano

    TOP Citation Source Website Types

    Hi, I would need your help to arrange a TOP with the most important website types where Local Citations can be built. I have identified the following types and created a TOP the way they were listed on Google when running the reverse engineering algorithm for discovering the Citation Sources...
  7. sergiuliano

    The "P" in the NAP

    I got the next situation with one of my websites. It is connected to Google+ Business Page via rel publisher There is a Google Local Listing using the same NAP as the one listed on website, but there is an issue with the phone number on the website it is listed as 222 222 2222 ( with spaces...
  8. sergiuliano

    How to find Citation Sources as a PRO?

    Here is a short example about how to choose the best citation sources for your webpage, by running a Local SEO Reverse Engineering Algorithm. I will identify citations sources for a "dental clinic" webpage. You can choose any other industry / keyword you like. Very important! Do NOT include...
  9. sergiuliano

    Using location.KML and geomap.xml for submitting your locations to Google Maps

    Hi Linda, Can you please let us know what are the exact steps which must be followed in order to submit multiple locations to Google Maps via geositemap.xml ? How can we verify all the addresses from the KML file ? Thanks for the answer, Sergiu
  10. sergiuliano

    What is the best way to do Advanced Local SEO Prospecting ?

    How important is the local ranking of the targeted URL in the Local SEO Prospecting process ? As example,If you are looking to get a review/backlink/citation for a keyword as "best steaks" which is ranking different depending on the user city location, best ranking forums/blogs on the local...
  11. sergiuliano

    Local SERP Rankings Checker from

    (NOTE: This post was pre-approved by Linda) - Analyze Local SERPs by Countries and Cities If you need to see Local SERP Rankings on Google the same way as a local user is the best way to do it. You can generate Real-Time reports on: - how...