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  1. Conor Treacy

    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    This has been a pain in my side for a number of years. From time to time we find a business with their business name, city or location listed in the GMB name Example: Coffee Shop- West Lincoln Example: Lincoln Coffee Shop - 96th & F St Now we've always gone under the rule that only the...
  2. Conor Treacy

    Client Closed Business, now re-opening with same name

    We have a client that is re-starting their business. They ran from 2010-1017 and built up 58 reviews in Google Maps. In 2017, they were moving out of country and so they closed the company (hair stylist). In September 2019, they have moved back to the US and restarted their business. Can they...
  3. Conor Treacy

    Google showing only domain name in results (when not logged in)

    I was reviewing some terms earlier today (web design companies in omaha) and did a test while not logged in and notice that the URL information wasn't showing in the results. I can't recall if this was talked about before, but figured I'd post it here. Not sure if this is a test, or if this is...
  4. Conor Treacy

    Report Business "Doesn't Exist" - does it work?

    Hey Guys, In the past I would report businesses not at an address, or what has now been moved to just "Doesn't Exist" and I never seemed to have a problem with it. These days, every "Doesn't Exist" map edit that I've submited in the past week has been rejected. 14 suggestions (combined...
  5. Conor Treacy

    UpCity - What's your thoughts?

    Hi guys, I found a few threads for a number of years ago, but nothing since 2016 or so. Checking to see if anyone on here is using UpCity as a way to bring in new leads, boost their rankings, etc etc. If so, have you had good/bad success overall?
  6. Conor Treacy

    Google Analytics Snapshot freaking out clients :)

    While not specifically local related, it's definitely freaking out a couple of our local seo clients. We received 3 emails and 1 call from clients freaking out that they received the Monthly Google Analytics snapshot for July and it said their average users spent 1, 2 or 3 seconds on the site...
  7. Conor Treacy

    GMB Sample/Demo Profile

    I'm just checking to see if Google has a DEMO or SAMPLE profile listing that we can share with users or use in a video/screenshot explaining a section. There is sample data available for Google Analytics and Google Ads which we use with clients to show the possibilities of the various tracking...
  8. Conor Treacy

    Looking for a copyright lawyer (I think)?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a copyright lawyer that others have worked with. The company we're working with has a domain name, and another company has opened up with the same name but added "i" to the middle of their name. Our client has been online for about 20 years, and the new company is...
  9. Conor Treacy

    Acquiring Business - Merging GMB & Reviews

    Hi Guys, One of our clients is considering purchasing another business in town - same industry. Their main business is outside of town by about 15 miles, but the new business currently serves the city without issue (no physical address for the new business, but may set up a physical location)...
  10. Conor Treacy

    GMB location, no verify, no access

    Hi guys, Checking to see if anyone has a better method on getting a business back on the GMB maps. The client purchased the business about 2 months ago. We've already gone through the "request access" and waited now 10 days, but there's been no email from Google saying Denied, and no option to...
  11. Conor Treacy

    Bad Reviews, thinking of closing GMB profile

    Hi guys, I had a phonecall yesterday from a potential client from another state that read an article I wrote on our site about the removal of the Google Anonymous Reviews. During our call, they shared they lost over 180 reviews which took them from a 4.6 star rating to a 1.x :( Really feel...
  12. Conor Treacy

    GMB Comparison Tool (& Facebook too) - Does it exist any more?

    Hi folks, Hunting for some software that can get an a broad overview on competition for a phrase/company. Similar to what Places Scout used to have as their standalone software. I chatted with them today, and they're online monthly but for what I need, I'll only utilize 1/10th of their...
  13. Conor Treacy

    "Posts" link from GMB - 404 Error

    Not sure how long it's been, but after accessing Google My Business, if I click on the "posts" link on the left column, it leads to a 404 Error page. I can still access it from the Google Search and editing from there, but the Posts link seems broken at the moment, so I can't view the VIEWS...
  14. Conor Treacy

    One Zip Code, Two Cities - problems?

    Hi Folks, We have a client in Omaha, Nebraska that is moving their location. They'll now be at the zip code NE 68127 If you go to you'll see that some listings show Omaha, others show Ralston (a city of about 7,000 people. So in order to keep the Omaha...
  15. Conor Treacy

    SweetIQ - Anyone Used It?

    I'm doing my annual evaluations here and had SweetIQ pop up on my list of places to check up on. We currently use Yext and BrightLocal for various tasks, but has anyone used SweetIQ and have any insight?
  16. Conor Treacy

    Business Sold, New Owner hasn't updated GMB

    Hey Guys, I have a buddy (and non-client) who owned a carpet cleaning business for a number of years. They've now sold it as of last year. The new owner that took over the company has succeeded in driving the business into the ground, losing staff and dropping customers by the truck load. How...
  17. Conor Treacy

    Google Virtual Tour no longer linked?

    Hi Guys, I was doing some updating on things today on our own business page and for some reason it looks like the Virtual Tour option is no longer linked on our account. I went to our business page, clicked on HOME and it has a button for "Add virtual tour". We already have a virtual tour...
  18. Conor Treacy

    Facebook Reviews - How To See Them

    Hi folks, Seeing is someone is able to assit with being able to export Facebook Reviews. From inside a business page, we can see the 5 latest reviews, or reviews by star ratings, but there's no way to see more than that (that I can find). Does anyone have a way to export reviews from Facebook...
  19. Conor Treacy

    Dex Media, Dex Knows, Dex Digital - website scraping/duplication?

    Hello Everyone, Usually, I'm perfectly fine with Dex, and encourage our clients to get a listing. Normally not a problem (even though Dex changes the phone number so they can do their own call tracking etc some times). Today, I had a phone call from a client saying that their website was being...
  20. Conor Treacy

    Google asking opinions in search results

    I don't know if this is the right category for the forum, so please move as needed. It's not directly affecting LOCAL search, but rather ALL search (for me). Doing searches this morning, I'm getting a popup every other search asking me how my search experience is going. I don't recall getting...