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  1. eestrada234

    Yelp Photo For Responding to Reviews for Multi-location

    With responding to Yelp reviews, is it required to use one face photo for each location or is it one photo across all locations? In other words, can you use the same photo to respond to all reviews on a multi-location Yelp account or will it require you to use a new photo for each location?
  2. eestrada234

    Responding to Reviews from same IP address

    I know restaurants who solicit reviews using a kiosk or a tablet can raise flags and ultimately lead to having your reviews filtered. My question is what if as an agency you took up privately responding to negative reviews from one location as a service. Would that that trigger a flag or be...
  3. eestrada234

    Claiming Ownership of Yext account from Previous Owner

    Hey all, I am in quite a predicament and trying to get some advice. My client recently purchased a Veterinary clinic who's previous owner seemed to have a Yext account. Many of the listings that were blasted through Yext have wrong business names and phone #'s. How can I go about gaining...
  4. eestrada234

    PPC Landing pages

    I know this might be a little off topic but I am looking for a PPC Wordpress theme landing page for a local client who is interested in doing some Pay-per click. Can anyone recommend any good WP themes or any alternative to create PPC landing pages?
  5. eestrada234

    New Type of Google Local Rich Snippet?? Video Thumbnail?

    I noticed this in some Google search results today. There is a video thumbnail, but it isn't a YouTube or video listing. If you click on it, it takes them to their website (which does have a video on the homepage). It also has the rich snippet ratings and Google Maps pin. Have you seen this...
  6. eestrada234

    Reclaim ownership of Localeze listing

    Hey all, I was recently trying to claim my clients listing on Localeze to edit the NAP info. However, when I put in the request to claim the listing, I was emailed with this response: Any suggestions or advice on how to reclaim this listing?...Will Vistaprint just have to provide us with the...
  7. eestrada234

    Local Seo for a client with 2 seperate business entities in same building

    I have a client who owns and operates a Veterinary clinic on the first floor of a building but also has a Bed & Breakfast business on the second floor of the same building. The two business are separate entities. They don't share the same business name or number. However, share the same...