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  1. mattheffner

    New Services Interface for Hotels/B&Bs?

    Seeing a new service menu interface and options for some Venue/B&B/Hotel clients today. Other businesses are the typical interface still. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. mattheffner

    GatherUp Schema Code

    I'm using GatherUp widget to markup with review schema on several pages of my client's websites and it's working great. However, my call tracking provider's (PhoneWagon) DNI code is picking up the schema and changing the phone number for the schema like it does for the rest of the website. When...
  3. mattheffner

    GMB Tracking Number Rejected

    I'm using a tracking number in GMB and I've been fighting with Google on some listings where they keep changing it back to the main business number. However, last week on one listing they reverted the number, pulled in a few DNI website tracking numbers, and wouldn't let me add the GMB tracking...
  4. mattheffner

    Switch the Primary Category?

    Reading Joy's recent category article and this one from Carrie Hill reminded me to jump in here and ask for your opinion on a situation with a client. We've been working with a client known for their Landscaping and Hardscaping. They have been landscaping for 15 years, considered the largest and...