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    Wrong city local results for SF Personal Injury searches

    I came across this weird issue. When my location is set to another city, e.g. Milwaukee or New York, and I perform a search for san francisco personal injury lawyer the local results are for the "location" and not for the geo referenced in the search query. However the organic results are for...
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    New Google Maps - Ranking Order List View is Back!

    I just noticed this today (not sure if it has been posted about yet) The maps results are showing a bit different than they use to. <meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content=""><meta property="og:description" content="YAY! Just discovered! The ordered...
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    tagline on Google+ Local page?

    Has anyone seen the ability to add a tagline on a Google+ Local page. Personally, I've only seen this on Google+ Personal Profiles and +Brand pages but it is not a field available on Google+ Local pages for all of our clients. One of my clients sent this screenshot over that shows a field for...
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    Now Missing - Customize & Preview Embedded Map in Google Classic Maps - Workaround

    Now Missing - Customize & Preview Embedded Map in Google Classic Maps - Workaround EDITED by Linda 3/11 - Solution/Workaround in post #20 Below. One of my colleagues noticed that we can no longer customize embedded maps in the old Google Maps. Is anyone else seeing this or know of a work...
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    Google Local Phone support now accepts screenshots

    I just noticed in the new Places dashboard, when attempting to contact phone support, an option to supply a screenshot (with the ability to highlight specific areas) and description prior to the call. Even though I supplied this information, the support team still needed to verify my concerns...
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    Warning: Multiple Websites Cause Problems with Google+ Local

    Having multiple websites in existence for the same location can cause problems on Google local with incorrect URLs appearing on the listing. When these situations occur, support is unable to help resolve the issue as detailed below.
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    New Google Maps - The Pros Discuss Ramifications for Local SEO

    Is anyone playing around with the new Google maps yet? I'm finding the new features/interface easy to use, however, unless specifically searching for a business by name or with the screen zoomed into where the business is located, i'm having a hard time finding certain popular businesses. The...
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    Verified in Google Places, automatically upgraded to Google+

    Today, I phone verified a Google Places listing in the new dashboard, and upon completion, I received a message that stated my Google+ Local page was automatically linked to the Places page. Is this how Google is going to upgrade listings to Google+? I was initially told that verified places...
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    Practitioner Listings associated with Business listing

    Regarding Google local business listings, I know malls and large buildings have "At+name of listing" then links to most business listings at that place. for example I'm starting to see more instances of this for business...