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  1. Ian Hammond

    "Your business is verified and is currently being connected to Google Search and Maps" (30+ days)

    Hi! Anyone else had this issue with a GMB account? With a listing that was verified in early September and we are still getting these notices in the GMB account: Unfortunately, this had made the listing less visible than when it was unverified. That is, not visible at all. I have poked...
  2. Ian Hammond

    Any fast methods for removing a page from SERPs?

    Hi! We have a client who has recently gotten into trouble with a local utility company for listing information about the utility's rebate and weatherization programs. The utility thinks the pages in question on our client's site somehow gives the appearance of favoring the contractor over...
  3. Ian Hammond

    Siri for service area businesses (SABs)

    Hi All! I have read through some of the voice search threads on here but does anyone have any insight into the best way to approach Siri/Apple for service area businesses? I had an insulation company client sitting in his parking lot asking Siri to tell him "insulation companies near me" but he...