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  1. Joe Mink

    Review name is showing up as "A Google User"

    Has to be a bug. I left several personal reviews this weekend that initially showed up as 'A Google User' but now I see that they have resolved to my name as the user. Pretty annoying at first though.
  2. Joe Mink

    Debate: GMB Call Tracking - Yay or Nay?

    Is there a possibility that you are using Moz Local and you have enabled 'overwrite listing details' through the API for clients that were already listed in your Moz Local account? We saw this happening with our GMB tracking URLs, so possibly the same with phone numbers.
  3. Joe Mink

    Yelp Notification Service

    Hi Tim, Thanks for chiming in! That's the service I use and that was the response I got from their customer support. Here's a follow-up: Hi Joe, Our monitoring of Yelp reviews is limited to what Yelp provides via their public API. Yelp seems to be increasingly limiting the data that solutions...
  4. Joe Mink

    Yelp Notification Service

    Hi All, I'm currently using a Review Acquisition and Notification service for several of my clients, but lately I've noticed that I'm not receiving Yelp notifications. In fact, I just checked one of my client's Yelp profiles and noticed 3 new reviews within the last week, none of which my...
  5. Joe Mink

    Edits history in Google Maps App

    Looks like it just rolled out for Google Maps on desktop, but not yet for iOS.
  6. Joe Mink

    What would you like to see in a WP plugin for Local SEO?

    Re: What would you like to see in a WP plugin for Local SEO We would consider testing as well.
  7. Joe Mink

    Flagging Fake Reviews

    Two months ago I achieved my first success in flagging and having a review removed on Google for one of my clients. It was from a former employee and I flagged it as "conflict of interest". It was gone in less than a week. Since then, the reviewer has changed his name and reposted the exact...
  8. Joe Mink

    73 SEO Experts Share Penguin Penalty Removal Tips

    They must have added another expert - the article now refers to 74 SEO Experts.
  9. Joe Mink

    Deep links to location landing pages?

    My experience is that you use the same business name that you are using in GMB. You want to maintain that canonical representation of the NAPW across all citation properties. I know it is tempting to put the City Name in there, but not at the risk of upsetting the NAPW. The business address...
  10. Joe Mink

    Requested Post Card Verification Weeks Ago from Google My Business. Nothing Sent!

    I've been in touch with GMB support very recently on this for 3 different locations that had not received their postcards within 14 days. Support was able to verify on the phone right away for all three. I've got to say that I've been pleased with the Google first line phone support team lately.
  11. Joe Mink

    Goodbye 7 Packs! Only 3 Packs with No Phone # or Address for All Local Results

    The only place I'm seeing a link to a Google + page is for a branded search:
  12. Joe Mink

    13 Time-saving Google My Business Support Shortcuts

    Colan, This is extremely helpful! Thanks for doing this.
  13. Joe Mink

    Another Local SERP Display Change or Test - Reported by Colan Today

    Update: So if I'm logged into Google (my location is Austin, TX) and I go to and perform the 'austin couriers' search, I see the exact same snack pack that Colan is reporting.
  14. Joe Mink

    Another Local SERP Display Change or Test - Reported by Colan Today

    I'm here in Austin, TX and am seeing the traditional 7-Pack. No ads at the top, only sidebar ads below the mini-map. Both logged-in as well as incognito.
  15. Joe Mink

    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    Hey Linda, We pay around $40 per test. I think the standard price for the 15 minute review is $49, but I believe we received a bit of a volume discount.
  16. Joe Mink

    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    We've used User Testing's paid service quite extensively and have been very pleased with the results and the insights that we received from the site reviewers. In our cases (all local business websites) we were able to choose the demographic and have the reviewer perform specific tasks as well...
  17. Joe Mink

    Google to Tweak Pigeon Algo due to Racial Slurs & Google Map Search???

    Confirming what Phil is seeing. I often do an incognito quick local search with location set to a particular city just to get a ballpark idea of Map Pack and Organic rankings, but today, I'm seeing weird little 2 and 3 Packs with businesses that aren't normally in the packs and the organic...
  18. Joe Mink

    Need Help: Trouble With Website

    Hey Ben, I second all that has been said by everyone here. I noticed that you have those location pages for Dallas, Highland Park and Waxahachie. I think you have the right idea there although perhaps a bit over optimized with regard to keyword density on some of your core service keywords...
  19. Joe Mink

    Why are my Reviews not showing in SERP 7 Pack? Weird Merged Dupe Problem

    Linda, love these case studies because they represent real world issues that are out there. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Joe Mink

    Location is Everything: Local Rankings Now in Moz Analytics

    According to the article it looks like they will add local rankings to Moz Local in 2015: "We will be launching local rankings functionality within the Moz Local application in the first part of 2015, which will provide needed visibility to folks who are mainly concerned with Local SEO."