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  1. Andrew RLM SEO

    Google +1 Button Not Showing Up

    Hey Linda, I think your dead on with this assumption. I was able to get in touch with support and they basically said the same thing. According to Google support, if you verify a business on Google Places, its not going to have that button. These pages are auto created based on places presence...
  2. Andrew RLM SEO

    Google +1 Button Not Showing Up

    No problem - Thanks for your response! Here's the link to the Google+ page without the +1 button included: Here's just a random page that I found real quick with the +1 button included: I realize...
  3. Andrew RLM SEO

    Google +1 Button Not Showing Up

    Hey Guys, I was just checking out a Google+ page for one of our clients and it appears that the +1 button is nowhere to be found. At first, I thought it might have been because I'm the manager of the page, but after trying different browsers and even having someone at another computer attempt...
  4. Andrew RLM SEO

    Client showing up in maps but not the business pack

    Hey Linda, sorry for the delay in responding to this. Our client is The Web Extreme Entertainment, 7172 Cincinnati Dayton Road, West Chester, OH 45069. The search term is "laser tag" with the Google location set to 45069. When you search this, the business does not appear in the pack but you...
  5. Andrew RLM SEO

    Client showing up in maps but not the business pack

    We represent a laser tag facility that is not showing up in the business pack when you search "laser tag" and insert the business zip as your location in Google search. However, above the business pack Google has a link that says "laser tag near city,state, zip." When you click that link it...
  6. Andrew RLM SEO

    Killer, High End, Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Local Business Listings

    This is very creative. I liked the ski shops the best! I also wonder if you could do this without a Google Trusted Photographer? If not, does anyone have a ballpark estimate of how much they would charge?
  7. Andrew RLM SEO

    Local Directories with Free Bulk Upload Feature

    Hey Jason, maybe it was who you worked with on this? I had a girl named Robin who assisted me with literally everything. This was around 2 months ago so they may be charging now but I am not sure. I just sent the spreadsheet over and my listings were on site by the next day. Funny how...
  8. Andrew RLM SEO

    Local Directories with Free Bulk Upload Feature

    Hey Jason, I have also worked with in the past to submit listings. In addition, you can contact and obtain a spreadsheet for free bulk listings. I found that they are a lot easier to work with than vitals and they add your content super fast. I am sure I know of more...
  9. Andrew RLM SEO

    Phone verification with automated answering service

    Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to get around this. Whenever this happens to me I have to contact the client and have them shut down the automated phone system so that we can complete the verification. However, I have contacted support before and explained this problem to them. I...
  10. Andrew RLM SEO

    ADVANCED Troubleshooting Tip for Duplicate Discovery, NAP Issues, History

    Great tip here Linda. Definitely some good info to refer to down the line if I run into any dupe trouble. Thanks!
  11. Andrew RLM SEO

    The Best Darn Local SEO Client Questionnaire

    Great Questionnaire. The questions that were included about the clients past history are very valuable. Knowing past phone numbers/addresses makes it so much easier down the road if you run into trouble with incorrect listings and dupes. Definitely worth taking your time to get all this...
  12. Andrew RLM SEO

    How to remove listings from the new Google Places dashboard

    That was quick! I just spoke with Google support last week and they said they had a team working on it, but had no idea when it would be complete.
  13. Andrew RLM SEO

    Local SEO: Link Building for Small Businesses

    Great articles! We recently did an infographic all about the history of our city to create links. We found awesome, unique facts about our city and designed a really creative graphic highlighting these facts. Since the content was all about the city that we are targeting, it was relatively...
  14. Andrew RLM SEO

    Local SEO Warning: City in Title Tag - Former Google Spam Team Member Speaks Out

    I completely agree with Travis on this. Even if you do not get penalized for listing your city 3 times, it still will not look user friendly. If I saw a title like that I would instantly think it was spam. I agree with the general public here and think that listing the city twice, in a spread...
  15. Andrew RLM SEO

    Warning: New Google Guidelines Local SEOs Must Know - Could Cause Penalties

    Thanks for the article. We represent clients with multiple business locations that like to put the zip codes for the areas that they serve on their website. We have told them to delete these because of the fact that it could have a negative effect on our rankings. On the other hand, the phone...
  16. Andrew RLM SEO

    Local SEO Strategy for Multi-Location Businesses

    Some great points made by Andrew in this article. The main issues that I have had lately for multi-location businesses is making sure that all the business listings for each location has the correct NAP info. This has been a big problem with some of our companies that have changed locations. As...