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  1. CarrieHill

    Emails from Google "Unpublished Google My Business listings about to be deleted" - Don't Panic!

    Google is sending out emails that warn you that your "Unpublished Business Profiles will be deleted in 30 days." Don't panic - these listings that you may have created but never published. Most of the time, you'll notice that the email came to a different Gmail address than the one that "owns"...
  2. CarrieHill

    Local links vs general good quality back links?

    I think the consideration I give them differs based on what the client needs. If most of their links are good ones, but on national/non-local sites - then a local link with DA-10 is much more valuable to me to help convey local relevance & prominence. I NEVER look at DA with local linkbuilding...
  3. CarrieHill

    "On These Lists" Showing in Google Maps

    I think on mobile the labels are explanatory and it's not as weird, on a desktop to just inject a link that doesn't really or convey that it contains information that would help someone choose a coffee shop seems so odd. @Dave DiGregorio pointed out that the article does have a brand mention...
  4. CarrieHill

    New Citations

    My $.02 - if you have everything you can get from those 2 resources, it’s time to stop worrying about it - you’ve done enough. Citations beyond tier 1 & 2 have a diminishing return. I’d work on local links/PR, content, UX - just about anything else will be more worth your time!
  5. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hey Everyone! The Agenda is live! Ticket pricing will remain $599 until midnight tonight - super small window to see the amazing agenda AND get pre-agenda pricing! Hope to see you there!
  6. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi @Jeffrey & @Rich Owings We are still working on the agenda - but we do have plans to ask at least 2 speakers to present some original research. Our goal with this event is to really dig deep into tips, tactics, and strategies within GMB - so that even those that have a pretty good working...
  7. CarrieHill

    Agency recommendations wanted

    Meh - he's one guy and works by referral - its probably low priority on a 2-page site :)
  8. CarrieHill

    Agency recommendations wanted

    I recommend John Ellis at
  9. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    FYI - we just added the venue to our pages/marketing! LocalU Advanced Google MyBusiness Master Class will be at Loudermilk Conference Center on 3/25/20. It's about a 5-minute walk from CallRail offices in downtown Atlanta - that's where networking will be on Tuesday eve (3/24/20!) We're...
  10. CarrieHill

    OMG. Could this be the reason behind some missing reviews?

    Nannylist strikes again! Dangit!
  11. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi @MonicaH @Niki Gross Attached is a PDF of our Denver agenda. Keep in mind, the Atlanta event will be 100% Google My Business Master Class - so some of the topics from Denver will NOT come up at Atlanta. ALL of the content in Atlanta will be different - we do not overlap from event to...
  12. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi All - Carrie here from LocalU. The pre-agenda pricing is just that - a deep discount to incentivize early sales and to give people that trust and love LocalU content a deep discount. When the agenda publishes on 1/6/20, the pricing goes up $100 to $699 per person for single ticket sales...
  13. CarrieHill

    PE Educator award

    Congrats - Extremely Well Deserved!!
  14. CarrieHill

    Where is This Knowledge Panel Sourced From?

    I guess I'll go change it since there's no source that I can change. So weird.
  15. CarrieHill

    Where is This Knowledge Panel Sourced From?

    I have no idea :) that's why Joy posted it haha
  16. CarrieHill

    GMB verification prank call from Pubcon

    I was in the room when they recorded this - it was AMAZING! This guy is just doing his job, but it's such blatant bullshit. "You don't rank in "Bend" - what SEO company only wants to rank in their local market? It's just dumb.....
  17. CarrieHill

    How do you see the results of backlinks?

    Building links is definitely an art form - and worrying about "High DA sites" is likely going to net you not much in the long run. Building a brand, getting involved in your community (be it a brand community or a local community), sponsoring events, hosting events, building reviews for your...
  18. CarrieHill

    Trending GMB Q&A Gone Missing?

    Are we seeing it for particular categories? My HVAC, Real Estate, and Locksmith clients are still showing the Q&A.
  19. CarrieHill

    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    We haven't set any plans yet - we'll post as soon as we have news.