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    LSA radius

    I have a client that wants to expand LSA paid ads to a 100+ mile radius, he is hiring technicians in each area, but it seems like we can't have GMB listings becasue they won't have "true" locations in each area, just hired technicians, any ideas? I know we can do regular PPC with Location pages...
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    Create second location to qualify for LSA

    I have a locksmith client in Miami, who, it would seem should be able to qualify for the LSA, but when I try to sign him up in adwords, it asks for his zipcode and then denies him (His GMB is storefront). Since Locksmiths are a Service Area Business what do you think about him opening a branch...
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    Neustar/Localeze True Identity service

    Feb 2019, is this worth $79? I would rather pay once than lose the listing if I stop paying Moz, are those the only 2 choices? (there is no free updating anymore) If we do infogroup and axciom, do we need to do this one too? Why Claim Your Listing? Get the most out of your local marketing...
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    Help - 2 Different Addresses and GMB Listings - for 1 Business

    I have a situation, I would really appreciate some input on, concerning an unincorporated town and mailing address. Client has two verified google my business listings, the unincorporated town and the nearby small town (mailing address). We would rather keep the unincorporated town as the...
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    phone google maps does not match google+ address

    One of my clients moved and we updated aggregators and major citations sites, of course her google+ profile, but some phones are pulling up old address in google maps. Where should I go to update?
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    Angies List Reviews and Google

    I have a client who is actively requesting Angies lists reviews from his clients and he would like to ask them to submit the review they write to google too. Since Angies list is a private site, I thought this might be ok, but wanted to double check here to see if anyone has experience around...
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    What is Local Edge?

    I have two new SEO clients who were spending $175 a month with Local Edge, but they don't really know what Local Edge was doing for them, they just said SEO. I looked them up online and they seem to be an advertising arm of white and yellow pages? Ayone know exactly what they do (I find it...
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    Worried: Multiple Accounts - New google login page

    The google login page changed for me about a week ago and now displays all the accounts I have used from clients to login. At some point I am concerned that my IP address will get flagged by google and I won't be able to login to their accounts to check analytics, upload to youtube etc. I am...
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    Social Media Resources?

    I offer SEO for local businesses, which include social media posting. I have found the resources offered by various national industry specific marketing organizations which offer seasonal facebook post ideas in a calendar, which I have found very useful, but I would like to find a resource for...
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    White pages edit leads to Yext

    I think I am missing something, wherever I try to edit whitepages listings it redirects me to yext and I can't find a free option to update listing. This has happened on a few other directories too, I don't have the list at hand right now. Any ideas?
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    How do you find all reviews for a client

    Hi, I have used the Bright Local tool to find citations, but would like to what people are using to specifically find reviews. I know it can be done manually, but is there a good (reasonable price) tool to find reviews by phone number or NAP?