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    GMB Website

    Hi! Is it good or bad to create a GMB website AND have your own website? Is this what they call Parasite/Satellite Website? Thanks!
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    Getting backlinks to rank on a different city

    Hi! I'm trying to rank for a different city than the one my business is located. I will call it city B. If I get my business listed on a website from city B - like a chamber of commerce- should I list my homepage site, or should I create a city B page (like, and list that...
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    Acxiom's Directory will close at the end of the year

    I received an email from acxiom saying: Acxiom's Directory/Local Search line of products is being retired at the end of 2019. As a result, we are no longer accepting new registrations for My Business Listing Manager and will close our listing directory at the end of the year. As a means to...
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    Is this a duplicate listing?

    Hi! First post here. This is a great forum. I have the chance to add my business to a local chamber of commerce. If I pay extra I can get 2 listings (in 2 different categories). Will that be considered a duplicate listing by google? Thank you!!