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  1. Benjamin Beck

    What Happens When Merging Accounts?

    Hi Everyone, I have an AC Repair client who has 2 Google Business Accounts for old addresses where they are no longer located. I am working on updating their Google Business Account to the new correct address. A few questions: 1) What happens with their reviews on the old accounts? 2) Can I...
  2. Benjamin Beck

    How to get reviews in a sensitive niche?

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to help a friend in the Funeral Home Industry, which I'm finding it is a really difficult niche to request reviews from people. Does anyone have any ideas or tips to help get reviews for funeral homes? Like most industries the only people who are leaving reviews...
  3. Benjamin Beck

    Review Profile For Location OR Individual?

    Hi Everyone, How do you handle building out review profiles for local service businesses where each location can have several individuals. (Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, etc) Do you build a review page for the location alone (aka Joe & Schmo Lawyer Associates) OR do you try to get reviews for...
  4. Benjamin Beck

    Citation Directories For Local Businesses ? By Country

    Hi Everyone, I just created a post of local business directories and resources by country. Hope you'll find it helpful!