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    Mapquest,, Yasabe and Yellowise - no more free!

    Maquest listing can be claimed (free) via Mapquest Merchant Account login form
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    How using Google Images can cost you $8,000

    I read about this copyright infringement in PR Daily and thought I would share with the community. Please don't make this costly mistake.:( How using Google Images can cost you $8,000 | Articles | Home
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    Organic Video SEO

    Following tips might help too Include main keywords in Filename Include different keyword variations in Tags Include different keyword variations in Annotations/Captions Also check for privacy/license settings which plays important role in attribution and visibility of videos/channel.
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    Local Domination + Facebook Pages Rank High?

    Few sites have similar content and few sites are interlinking (footer section). They rank for almost every possible keywords related to their services
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    Local Domination + Facebook Pages Rank High?

    OMG!:eek: it's total SERP/keyword ranking domination, the list goes on. I assume several firms are handling their online marketing campaigns.
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    Hot for Local! NEW Google Keyword Planner - KW Research by City

    Just read this in search engine land
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    Initials and & - current best practices?

    I've came across many legal firms Google Places listing using "ampersands as well as capital letters" and ranking without any issues like "Name & Name CPA PLLC" "Company Name CPA PC" As Linda said, i also assume
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    How do you tackle multiple clients in one industry?

    I've always politely refused. It's conflict of interest, whichever client you put the best effort is going to reap more benefits and that would be the client with biggest budget. While you may benefit from some short-term financial gains, if clients find out you burned both ends of the candle...
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    The Most Thorough Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet

    Stumbledupon this infographic of Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet of (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube) all in one place.
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    Google+ Business Page Verification Emails

    Received similar mail yesterday from Google + team to verify business page for SAB client :confused:
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    How is this possible? Two internal urls of same website ranking in google local?

    Search query "Dallas Movers" & "Movers in Dallas" and I don't understand how this site ranks with two internal pages in google local I'm just not sure of these, please advice 1)Can we point internal pages of website in google places listing? or only home page link should be verified...
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    Looking for an effective REVIEW MANAGEMENT service

    I haven't tried it. Curious to know if anyone here has used the customer review tool of ?
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    Trying To Understand G+ and Authorship....

    In blog comments i always use my name/nickname (G+ profile). Imagine if all your blog visitors leave comments using names like "Fred Computer Repair Texas" "Mike Washington Plumber" huh is your real name "Computer Repair Texas.....:eek: Allowing business name in blog posts over the period lead...
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    Interesting Double Page 1 Google Local Ranking

    Linda, both domain names are different, the missing letter is b:confused: (old school seo tactics still works?) they've registered domain names with misspelled word (plumbing/pluming):eek:
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    Google+ business page targeting multiple cities/landing pages novice question

    Thanks for the response Phil. Curious to know about citation/NAP consistency for business with multiple location. I checked Attaboy example mentioned in the post, they have following names in Google places (different names though) for each location 1) So, if the official/registered business...
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    Google+ business page targeting multiple cities/landing pages novice question

    These questions will probably seem way basic for you guys, but please bare in mind i'm bit lost to say the least on targeting multiple cities/landing pages. Assume a client has office in four different locations (A, B, C, D) A is the headquarters rest all are branch office 1) Can i...
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    Scary Wording When Trying To Delete Page

    It's just really bad wording on Googles end. Last week I deleted an extra Google + page through same process, make sure you've selected the correct page.
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    Suspended for STE in Address Line 2

    It's mentioned in Google places quality guidelines here as But about spelled out in full not sure about that and never heard about penalty/suspension for suite/ste either.
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    Local Business Targeting Multiple Cities in Metro Area

    Great insights from Marie & Linda. I thought i'd pitch in my views about "targeting multiple cities". bluehabit i assume your site is ranking for those keywords in Dallas and I also assume you've analytics installed to monitor/measure your SEO efforts. So, if i was in your situation like...