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  1. Ian Hammond

    New Display for Service Areas on Mobile

    Seeing this same thing for accounts I am checking. On mobile using a browser. When I click the truck or text it does show me all geos listed, not just a few. Maybe this is because I am way out of the service area of the clients I am checking on? To that, for the listing that we used zip codes...
  2. Ian Hammond

    Answering GMB Q&A in bulk

    Agency Automators made a pretty cool tool for bulk management of Q & A through a google sheet add-on: Agency Automators - Q + A - Google Sheets add-on
  3. Ian Hammond

    "Your business is verified and is currently being connected to Google Search and Maps" (30+ days)

    Hi! Anyone else had this issue with a GMB account? With a listing that was verified in early September and we are still getting these notices in the GMB account: Unfortunately, this had made the listing less visible than when it was unverified. That is, not visible at all. I have poked...
  4. Ian Hammond

    Edits to GMB Not Saving

    @Colan Nielsen, we have had calls with GMB Support about this topic that were pretty fruitless. Is there a particular route or channel you suggest for this category-switch bug? thanks!
  5. Ian Hammond

    Cleaning Up Spam Listings, Anything I Can Learn in the Process?

    @gill I Would agree with Colan here. It seems like the only real lesson is that keyword stuffing your GMB listing name works. A secondary one would be that proximity to searcher still matters a ton--even if it shouldn't for the given client (say a lawyer or HVAC co). ...
  6. Ian Hammond

    GMB listing numbers tanked

    Is that other business in their building in the same GMB Category? One thing I picked up from @JoyHawkins et al at Local U was Google will only show one business per category within, was it 300 feet? I would also check to see if they are getting pushed down by spam listings. It seems pretty...
  7. Ian Hammond

    Any fast methods for removing a page from SERPs?

    Thanks, all! Appreciate the insight.
  8. Ian Hammond

    Any fast methods for removing a page from SERPs?

    Hi! We have a client who has recently gotten into trouble with a local utility company for listing information about the utility's rebate and weatherization programs. The utility thinks the pages in question on our client's site somehow gives the appearance of favoring the contractor over...
  9. Ian Hammond

    New Services Options in the Google My Business Dashboard

    Seeing it today for Contactor and Insulation Contractor in a new GMB profile. Haven't seen it in any of our other clients yet (sector is hvac, insulation contractors, solar installers) but we also filled in the Services section where we could to pre-empt single.platform from auto-filling with...
  10. Ian Hammond

    Siri for service area businesses (SABs)

    Thank you for the responses @JoyHawkins and @Phil Rozek. They do have a Yelp listing. "Organic"; not paid. It is fairly well fleshed out with company details but unfortunately, Apple is not pulling in the company business categories. The listing in Apple currently just has them as "Home...
  11. Ian Hammond

    Siri for service area businesses (SABs)

    Hi All! I have read through some of the voice search threads on here but does anyone have any insight into the best way to approach Siri/Apple for service area businesses? I had an insulation company client sitting in his parking lot asking Siri to tell him "insulation companies near me" but he...
  12. Ian Hammond

    How do you deal with

    I believe Moz Local pushes data to Acxiom so that may temporarily be part of a solution. I know Moz's pricing structure has changed recently but I have to think the level it pushes info to aggregators is lower than that $449 price tag.
  13. Ian Hammond

    New Dynamic BBB Logo

    My guess would be that they don't want a "flat" logo that includes a rating as that may not be accurate for that company at the time. We work with a lot of service companies so we actually use the dynamic logos pretty often. Sure, we don't love that they are an outbound link but we also...
  14. Ian Hammond

    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Has anyone else had their new service area rejected by Google? It was a combination of counties and townships that encompassed the Chicago Southland and NW Indiana. Legitimately their service area. Not much mention of the specific towns or counties on their website but plenty of mention of their...
  15. Ian Hammond

    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    @JoyHawkins following up: When I cleared the addresses of two of our clients the radius showed back up within ~15 minutes: It might be a temporary fix, or glitch, but worked this morning at least. (That image from our Maine client is a great example of how bad the bluntness of radius based...
  16. Ian Hammond

    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Hi Joy. I am still seeing a radius for just one of our clients. Otherwise, yes, not seeing radius service areas for clients we still just had a radius to work off of. That one client still has some pending changes from last week when we had to momentarily switch their category to be able to dump...
  17. Ian Hammond

    [Missing Data Alert] Knowledge Panel Seems to Have Removed Physical City Data

    @JoyHawkins thank you for the response! I guess that still feels counterproductive to me. If I am a SAB, am I super interested in showing up in Maps? I mean, I guess I am not against it, in general. But if a searcher somehow triggers my knowledge panel, I think I would want my primary business...
  18. Ian Hammond

    [Missing Data Alert] Knowledge Panel Seems to Have Removed Physical City Data

    Any thoughts on why the service/business category might be missing? Hiding the street address seems inline with using actual service areas for SABs but hiding their business category really doesn't. We have seen the category go missing in at least a couple of instances.
  19. Ian Hammond

    Massive Drops in Search Console for Sites Using UTM Codes in GMB

    Confirming that we have seen a dip in impressions in GSC for GMB's where we use UTMs in the URL. We work exclusively with service area businesses in the "better building" sector (insulation, hvac, solar companies).
  20. Ian Hammond

    Does content placement matter?

    Ok! Good to know.