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  1. annatindal

    I'm curious. How many SEO Allstars have a Master's Degree or PhD?

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious. I read Matt Southern's SEJ article and was particularly drawn to his comment that Google's preferred qualifications for a Search Analyst include a Master’s degree or PhD in computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics or a related discipline. Of the SEO...
  2. annatindal

    GMB Recommendation for #1 Local Pack Attorney opening Firm with other Attorneys

    Hi, What is the best practice for an attorney that expands and partners to open a firm in their area with other experienced attorneys in terms of GMB? All attorneys will now be practicing from the same "new" address and practicing the same type of law. Should they establish 1 Main GMB for...
  3. annatindal

    GMB Setup - New Business, Second Service-Area Business for Owner

    Hi, I'd love any advice you have on how to set up GMB for this scenario. A client came to me with a GMB listing for his concrete services company. As of today, his company provides both concrete delivery and finishing under 1 LLC. The current GMB listing is tied to his home address. However...