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  1. Sheila Hensley

    Leads for my business from GMB posts

    Hi Oliver, Informational Posts have generated contacts and conversations that have lead to business. I'm in education, so may not be the type of service industry you are thinking of.
  2. Sheila Hensley

    GMB Post's Follow Option

    Thanks Joy. Appreciate your quick answer.
  3. Sheila Hensley

    GMB Post's Follow Option

    First post/question so I hope I doing this correctly. :) When a GMB post is followed, from where is the follower posting - Search, yes, but what is the origin of the follow? Do we know who followed and can we reply to the identity that followed our GMB?
  4. Sheila Hensley

    New "Products" Section for Google My Business?

    I don't have Products or Collections either on desktop or mobile. My category should be education. Just an FYI.
  5. Sheila Hensley

    New Free Google My Business Grader Tool From ThriveHive & David Mihm

    That was terrific @davidmihm I used the Grader to review my Google My Business listing - reluctantly. Worried that I'd not done enough, I found I'd set everything up very well. Yay! Two suggestions were easily fixed. Thanks, @JoyHawkins for the intro to David and ThriveHive Grader.