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    Google maps ranks dropped badly

    Hi, Business name changed automatically on google+ local listing and maps ranks dropped suddenly. Please can anyone suggest the best action steps to recover the previous ranks.
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    Can we create multiple websites for services with same data?

    do u know if say a dentist like ofdentalcare created multiple sites for his specialites like a site only for invisalign, only for veneers, only for implants using same logo and contact numbers and address would google get upset
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    How to optimize the G+ local listing to main city when you have address in sub city

    If the company address city is Chula Vista, but their region is San Diego, how can we optimize the G+ Local business listing for San Diego instead of Chula Vista.
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    G+ Local Listing Getting Impressions and Ranks for Unknown/Unwanted Keywords

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with the Google+ local analytics & ranks for my client, my client is getting impression more than 50% from unwanted keywords like child support, childsupport, child support office and ranking in first page for all these keywords. He doesn?t want any calls or...
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    How to merge old location listing with new location listing

    Hi Everyone, My client was located in Los Angeles with good local map rankings. He moved his business in to new location about 1 month back and he worried about rankings because we put all efforts on local seo from last 2 years. Please suggest me how to merge old location listing to new...