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  1. CaseyMeraz

    Click Test Study on The Local Finder // How Users Decide Where to Click

    Have you been wondering where the clicks from the local finder are going once a user gets there? Are they clicking on your business because you're number one or because you have the most reviews? Check out this new post I wrote titled "The Local Finder: Where Are Searchers Clicking?" and review...
  2. CaseyMeraz

    New 3 Pack Click Test Study! See where potential visitors are clicking

    With the big shake up last week over local results SEO's need to start thinking about how they can optimize for these new results. Head over to The Juris Digital Blog to read more. What are your thoughts?
  3. CaseyMeraz

    Competitive Analysis Tips for Local SEO

    Yesterday I posted a blog about conducting advanced competition analysis on the main blog. While I feel like I can never write enough and could have kept going I did include some new nuggets of info that I haven't shared before. Competition research is essential and there are plenty of...
  4. CaseyMeraz

    What Comes After The Click In Local?

    David Deal posted a blog today from SIM Partners about a talk from Adam Dorfman about What’s Next for Local Marketing? As marketer's it seems we can easily get caught up in just the first part of local search, which is being found. But what's next? Head over to SimPartners Blog to read more...
  5. CaseyMeraz

    20 Local SEO Nerds Share Strategy Tips

    Sometimes it's helpful to get insights from others when planning your Local SEO strategies. Let's face it. Competition can get tough depending on your geographic area and business type. Check out this roundup post from Condrut Turcanu over on Matthew Woodward's Blog. Head over to his blog to...