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  1. Conor Treacy

    New Citations

    Love HARO! It can be time-consuming sometimes, but we've had great success over the years in earning links and mentions at various places.
  2. Conor Treacy

    Why register a domain name with your toll free number?

    There was an article I read last week about a company in China that didn't own their own brand name for their website, and instead, they purchased the phone number. Maybe they read the same article? The only...
  3. Conor Treacy

    Tool or technique needed

    Yeah, I wouldn't see another way of doing it, while ensuring that it's all accurate. I've spent many hours designing and creating something only to scrap it. It's better to be done correctly in those situations though.
  4. Conor Treacy

    Name of town/city in keyword phrase

    Anything that ends up on the page affects the indexing and subsequent rankings of that page. If you can use it, and it doesn't sound spammy, then I would put it in each of the places. Google recently stated that keywords in header tags are not a critical item like it used to be years ago...
  5. Conor Treacy

    I'm curious. How many SEO Allstars have a Master's Degree or PhD?

    Oh, I guess I should add that my wife has a degree in Computer Science. After receiving it, she worked in sales for 10 years selling Auto Cad software and while she does build websites, I don't believe that degree has assisted in what she does today. Technology moves so fast that a degree from...
  6. Conor Treacy

    Ranking in GMB and Local Pack - Not Traditional Organic Results

    That submit of a domain change of address, that takes a REALLY long time.. I mean, an insane amount of time. I have one client that it is still showing as "in progress" and it's been 4+ months. It has populated the new domain in Google SERPS but the console stilll says it's moving to a new...
  7. Conor Treacy

    Tool or technique needed

    Never used a tool for that, but if we were to do something similar, we'd make sure any redirection plugin watching URLs is disabled, then just rename the URL slugs from about-us to about-us-old, then rename about-us-2 to about-us. Of course adding in noindex, no archive. No idea on a tool to...
  8. Conor Treacy

    I'm curious. How many SEO Allstars have a Master's Degree or PhD?

    I barely graduated high school and lasted maybe 2 months in college before dropping out. I had worked with a company since 10th grade, so I worked full time with them and helped build their first website. It launched my Web Design business while still working for the other company. Two years...
  9. Conor Treacy

    How do you define good Local SEO work on Maps ?

    Slightly off topic (sorry @Jefflam ) but I just wanted to say that I'd never heard of Local Falcon before, and spent a good bit of my morning poking around on their site and videos. What an interesting little tool and one I'll have to purchase and test with. This tool could potentially allow me...
  10. Conor Treacy

    Mythbusting: Linking out to authority (or other) sites does not help rankings

    We've always followed the rule that if it provides useful information to our user/visitor, then we should link to it. Google pretty much says the same in that they want to provide the best information to their searcher and end user experience. So linking OUT and not hording all the links, is...
  11. Conor Treacy

    Ownership Request Options

    Yeah, they both need a rewrite; 1) Grant Ownership - you will transfer ownership to the person, but you'll still be a manager and able to make updates 2) Relinquish Ownership - the new person will be the owner, and your affiliation with the account will be removed Definitely needs a rewrite for...
  12. Conor Treacy

    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    Hi Amy, no, there's only ONE master registration name. They're listed as places of business, but they're all under one single actual filing name (from what I understand). I think they're slowly coming around. I asked them to look at places like Starbucks, Home Depot and Pizza Hut as examples...
  13. Conor Treacy

    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    Thanks for the responses Tim & pony. I've always recommended people to use the legal name in their GMB, was just running into a roadblock with this client. For the locations, they just have the business name on the signs, nothing else. Essentially the counter argument from them is that it's...
  14. Conor Treacy

    GMB Name + City/Area Served

    This has been a pain in my side for a number of years. From time to time we find a business with their business name, city or location listed in the GMB name Example: Coffee Shop- West Lincoln Example: Lincoln Coffee Shop - 96th & F St Now we've always gone under the rule that only the...
  15. Conor Treacy

    Anyone a Yext Reseller?

    Thanks Darren. We've been prepping accounts already, even though we're a couple of months away. I wish Yext's release of control was faster when you cancel an account. They sometimes like to hang on to things for a couple of weeks. All part of the process I guess :)
  16. Conor Treacy

    They say it's not a co-working space but...

    While I agree that it can come off as a potential concern, we have a few dozen clients at various "permanent office colocation facilities" and haven't had an issue with any of them. "permanant office" is the key here, they're not a virtual office. They have a lockable door and it's only their...
  17. Conor Treacy

    Are we losing the Page Speed battle? And if so, who are the losers?

    I think the big issue dragging sites right now is that they're designed as Responsive (which is what we've been encouraged to do). The problem I'm seeing is that so much bloat is added to a single CSS file to cover all the various screen sizes, then inline edits, then javascript/jquery and the...
  18. Conor Treacy

    Anyone a Yext Reseller?

    Currently yes, we're a reseller. But on our next agency renewal we're exiting out as we're doing less work with places that need weekly coupons, menus or other such items.
  19. Conor Treacy

    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    There was only a slight slowdown on the initial page load when using the plugin rather than hard-coding the analytics code in the header of a WordPress site. If you're using other plugins, you may actually see a little bit of a boost as it doesn't have to load other bloat. With Plugin: TTFB...
  20. Conor Treacy

    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    I have this enabled on two accounts currently and I like what they've done. I know I had tested it a long time ago and didn't install it on our main account as we use Google Tag Manager. It looks like in the latest release the GTM is now included. It's a clean interface and tracks without any...