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  1. mkingsle

    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    Thanks Joy: I was beating my head on Friday because of this very issue. Glad to know I am not alone. Hopefully this gets fixed so it's a better user experience knowing when q&a come from the business owner. Different related topic, but I noticed that a question I posted received a response...
  2. mkingsle

    Multi Location: Home Page Competing with Location Page

    Hi Caroline: You definitely want to make sure the title tag & meta description are different for every page. As far as ranking's, your question could have a plethora of answers. Do you have access to both Analytics & Search Console? Have you audited the backlinks? Audited the entire website...
  3. mkingsle

    NAP for Canadian Client's with English and French sites

    Hi Sarah: We have a client based in QC, and their address uses Rue, both on GMB & the website. I would double check the backend in GMB and if still having an issue to reach out to GMB support to fix it.
  4. mkingsle

    [Examples Needed] GMB Support Offering Ranking Advice

    Looks like you discussed this 3 years ago? Solved: My Business Locations - What are labels for and what are the rules? - The Google Advertiser Community - 492055 I never listen to any advice they give, because as others have mentioned, it's usually incorrect or not useful advice.