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  1. mborgelt

    GMB Business Profiles Mobile vs Desktop

    Some keyword research tools such as SEMRush do something similar to this but the best route to take would be to search keywords in your market and terms your competitors rank for and analyze SERPs that way.
  2. mborgelt

    Organic star ratings

    Hello and welcome. One thing to note about schema is that Google shows it based on the query so if the algorithm doesn't think it is appropriate to show the stars then they may not be visible. Extension links or site links behave much in the same manner and you are most likely to get them by...
  3. mborgelt

    Can we talk about Meta Tags?

    I would be wary of this information as Google's semantic indexing knows the correct word people are looking for and very few users override the auto-correct feature. Also I can't imagine you could "optimize" the rest of the page for a misspelled word without keyword stuffing or having content...
  4. mborgelt

    GMB Postcards Verification / Contact

    I don't know if GMB has any support offices in the USA but you can try requesting access/ownership from the current owner and they may be able to identify the email address that controls the account.
  5. mborgelt

    Categories - Grey Areas

    I agree with Nikki. Categories are important but they aren't the "end all be all" of telling Google about your services. Make sure your primary category is the most relevant for your business and then find any others that may be relevant. After that make sure your site explains your services in...
  6. mborgelt

    Client gifts for the holidays

    Giving clients gifts this time of year is a great way to show you have a relationship and they aren't just paying you money. One idea we've been mulling is getting shirts/hats/cups for our clients with our logo. Sites like Custom Ink make it easy and affordable to create and send these. We've...
  7. mborgelt

    Has Google Forgotten About the Quality of Local Search Results?

    Unless the businesses in scenario 1 have bad reviews then I'm not driving across town for much (especially with Denver traffic). Businesses can have great reviews and terrible service so weighing them only by their online presence can be misleading. Unfortunately since Google caters to millions...
  8. mborgelt

    How to Build the Perfect Legal Industry Listing on Google, Avvo, and Other Platforms

    This is great info for SMBs and agencies that have budgetary constraints on their clients' campaigns. The barnacle strategy is extremely effective at getting leads and traffic for clients in competitive spaces and this article shows you how to do it really well. Thanks for sharing!
  9. mborgelt

    An Interview with Andrew Shotland: Local SEO Industry Changes, Running a Local SEO Agency, and Helping Clients Succeed

    Thanks for sharing all of this information, Andrew! I particularly like how you highlighted the importance of generating links and content. Great content only goes so far without links and links to a site with poor content will hardly ever result in good rankings.
  10. mborgelt

    Serious security issue with WP GDPR Compliance plugin: Update now!

    Thanks for the heads up! That's a great response time from the developer.
  11. mborgelt

    Insights Reports - Do you trust the accuracy?

    Brian nailed it. I think too often clients can get caught up in the minutiae and in a sense of service it's quite easy to jump right in with them. With nuances like the one Joy pointed out, you are better off using conversions and leads as KPIs and use GMB an analysis tool when things start to drop.
  12. mborgelt

    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Thanks for bringing the forum's attention to this, Tim! Thanks to everyone sharing their experiences these will indeed be interesting times for local SEO!
  13. mborgelt

    Does content placement matter?

    I don't think they contradict each other necessarily. There has been quite a bit of research on or including placement of keywords. Here are a few: Moz Ranking High Volume Keyword Neil Patel Tech Audit Backlinko Actionable SEO Tips
  14. mborgelt

    Free Rank Checkers for Amateurs?

    K-Meta is also a useful tool for this.
  15. mborgelt

    New Free Google My Business Grader Tool From ThriveHive & David Mihm

    This is fantastic, Joy! This will be a quick, definitive to help clients and the prospecting process.
  16. mborgelt

    Insights for Consultants: Getting Started With Local SEO with Phil Rozek of Local Visibility System

    Yea it's not simple but it's achievable over time. It sounds like you're taking a good approach by paying close attention to challenges of this sort of move. This is also something that's simpler the earlier you start your business.
  17. mborgelt

    Insights for Consultants: Getting Started With Local SEO with Phil Rozek of Local Visibility System

    Great insight Phil! I really like the piece on qualifying clients. Choosing the right client usually results in a lot less stress and a much better relationship over time. I agree with Joy it really depends on your goals. Each decision has its challenges. If you are an expert you might be...
  18. mborgelt

    Low Quality Citations

    I agree with Joy. Unless the directory ranks or if most of your competitors are listed there then there are other directories/tactics that will move the meter more.
  19. mborgelt

    Which software do you use for monthly reporting to clients for your agency?

    We currently use Swydo and it is great! The only downside is that it doesn't really sync with Facebook's Business Manager but there are workarounds for that. It has great historical analysis and several different ways to present data.
  20. mborgelt

    What ongoing Local search actions can be done

    You will definitely want to continually create content about your business, location and common user/market questions if you want to continue to rank well in local search!