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    More citations, better rating than competitors yet the ranking...

    ... is really poor. Don't really know what to do anymore, seems like i can't get a GMB page to the 3-pack i feel like i have done everything right. I checked the competitors citations and added my self to the major directories on top of that i built many more citations then what they have. I...
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    GMB page changing name?

    Hi pros, have you experienced that your GMB page have changed it's name? The name of my GMB page just changed name to say my keyword and ranked higher, don't know how this happend? when i log in to the dashboard it still says my business name don't know how it come that in the map search it...
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    Links to GMB?

    Hi Guys, I've been hearing that you can build links to the GMB and embed maps to gain ranking in the GMB listing, all though i haven't really understood what url i should build the link to, also is embedding a map in a web2.0 enough will this help? looking forward to hear what you pros say?
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    Duplicate listings

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so sorry if i post this in the wrong section. When searching for a clients company name i see that tripadvisor and yelp are listing them in their different countries section of their websites byt that mean my client are listed in,, etc would...