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  1. vibhugauba

    Ranks number 3 in MAPS but does not show in Organic Blended Results

    My client ranks #3 for Cosmetic dentist fort wayne but does not show up in organic blended results ?? Any insight would be help full GPL :
  2. vibhugauba

    Need Help With A Few Clients

    We are providing local SEO services to many clients in US. But few of them have stuck at number 8 in MAPS for all their keywords. Please help me with this. Here is one of their GPLS http://******/1qnpHqd
  3. vibhugauba

    Google Map #6 but not in Google 7 Pack

    I got one of my client ( ) to rank number 6 in Google Maps for almost all his keywords but he does not show up in google 7 PACK. What can be the probable reasons. More stunning is that a listing ( ) comes up on google 7 Pack but is presently number 15...