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  1. Oleg Donets

    Creating GMB listing for individual services

    Hey guys, I noticed some of our clients' competitors started pursuing an interesting approach (which looks to me as a no no at the first glance). It is a brick and mortar type of business in medical space. So the customers come to their location to get service. What i see they started doing...
  2. Oleg Donets

    How to properly setup "Service areas" feature for SABs in GMB listing?

    Hey guys, I looked for a definitive answer all over the web but i'm not able to find one. I hope the local experts here will help as usual :) So we have many SAB customers with multiple service areas that they serve and we are trying to figure out what would be the best way to setup the...
  3. Oleg Donets

    Practitioner listing question

    Hey guys, We have a client real estate brokerage with several hundred agents and we want to create practitioner listings for all the agents. I have few questions that I need help with: 1) Is this even a good idea to create practitioner listings for individual agents? Won't it heart ranking of...
  4. Oleg Donets

    Citations building for SABs with hidden addresses

    Hi guys, How do you build citations for SABs that hide their addresses? I'll appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance!