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  1. Paul Kargo

    Trending [November 5, 2019 Local Algorithm Update] Unexplained big drops in GMB rankings

    Major local listing update rolling out since the start of Nov19 - Google My Business Local Listing Update This Week. Ranking fluctuations in few campaigns, but some are intact, not able to figure out any pattern. Has anyone able to figure out what exactly is causing these fluctuations?
  2. Paul Kargo

    How to add multiple sites [Services] to GMB?

    I concur with Suresh on this, the best way would be to have a separate GMB for your SEO/Webdesign business. It is always good to have just one GMB for different services, however only if different services comes under same category so for any PC hardware related services like PC repair, PC...
  3. Paul Kargo

    Google's New Announcement About Review Schema

    I think with this update, a lot of 3rd party review websites will get some attention they were looking for.
  4. Paul Kargo

    Backlinking to GMB Listing

    Backlinks to GMB can indirectly benefit, with referral traffic to these GMB pages Google will find them more popular then other listings and improve rankings.
  5. Paul Kargo

    Local Business for two Different Languages - How to Optimize?

    Are you looking to rank for Geneva in USA or keyword "Geneva" in Switzerland?
  6. Paul Kargo

    Business Description & Multiple Location GMB

    Same description is fine, but I would recommend different Names and maintain separate NAP consistency for different GMB pages
  7. Paul Kargo

    Review not intended for our company. How to deal with it?

    Hi, the only way to remove a bad review is to flag it inappropriate or contact the person to remove it down. Most of the time people review a business with a fake name (especially if they are current employees).
  8. Paul Kargo

    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    Yes, they might be using Yext for listing management. But they have their their own web crawler (a pretty good one), so they surely be able to scan the NAP consistencies by themselves. And for several instances I have seen their NAP scores different from Yext.
  9. Paul Kargo

    Do keywords in your GMB description matter?

    Even if it does impact the rankings, it would be negligible.
  10. Paul Kargo

    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    You can try SEMRush new local listing management tool. Application | SEMrush
  11. Paul Kargo

    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    you can try flagging that review as spam by multiple accounts of your employees, friends etc. If sufficient users have marked any review on GMB as spam, it should be removed. Flagging inappropriate reviews - Google My Business Help