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    How To Delete a G+ local page

    How can I delete a g+ local business page without deleting the whole profile? Thanks!
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    Using a PO Box address

    I know we are not supposed to use a po box address for G places or G+, but I"m wondering if it's ok to use in the other directories, such as yelp, yahoo, etc.? We don't want to pay for a virtual office or list our home address, and I'm wondering if we can still submit to some of the other...
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    Call From Google Maps - Deleted?

    Help please! I just got a call from lGoogle maps and want to hide my address. It may be too late, but I have to give it a try. We were using a UPS address and I just realized I had to take it off, but hadn't gotten to do it yet. Then the call came this morning, and of course, they didn't...
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    Google Business Page

    Is there a difference between a Google business page and a Google PLus local page?