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  1. Chris Alphen

    Value of Placing License info

    Hi Folks, I've seen this several times in the last few days as its come up in Baltimore and I've probably seen the tweets. I've got questions and perhaps a resident link expert can shed some light. Great idea though for service providers to place and link to state lic info. So, I'm thinking by...
  2. Chris Alphen

    Dex Knows

    Hi All, To my surprise the other day I found a call in feature for Dex Knows here's the page Is this new? I set up 3 listings (locations) for a client which generated an account where I was supposed to be able to add additional content - I was but for only one of the locations. Does anyone...
  3. Chris Alphen

    Out of City but in "A" spot

    Hi Folks I've not seen this before so wanted to show it. Does this mean there is hope of penetrating a pack from another town? electrician Randolph,ma - Google Search The electrician in the A spot is in another city (nearby) the next 6 are in the searched city - electrician Randolph, MA...
  4. Chris Alphen

    Google + Avalanche or is it ME?

    Is it my imagination or is there all of a sudden even moreof an avalanche, not just from Google, but from a ton of marketing types about Google +? I’m talking about the social side even though many marketers like to infer that it’s an all in one deal. Linda’s tips, tricks, and treats on...