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    Flagging Fake Reviews

    Has anyone had any success with getting fake reviews taken down with the report a problem flag next to review on Google listings? If so which option did you choose, how long did it take, etc. Appreciate any help.
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    Google Home Service Ads

    As many of you know the test for Home Service Ads in San Francisco Plumbers / Locksmiths has been live for about 3 months now. I've been observing and one thing that I was most curious on is how would this effect reviews for those companies. I figured if you have to "hire" a company customers...
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    Multiple Locations w/ Multiple Services

    Just curious on how each of you would approach a business with multiple locations targeting multiple services/keywords. Multiple locations is easy just create page for each location and build links to those pages but what if you are trying to rank for multiple terms in that location. Do you...
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    Multi Location Done Right

    Hey guys, I've lurked around this forum a bit and seen some knowledgable users on the topic so figured I'd come ask for some input. Basically, I am trying to piece together what should be done to make a Service Provider business that operates in multiple states 100% legitimate in the eyes of...