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  1. Amber Robinson

    Your best Local Search ranking advice? In just one sentence. GO!

    Local SEO is a journey, not a destination. ;) I've learned that it's far from the project that I used to view it as but a process that involves continuous learning and collaboration with business owners and other Local SEO's. My best Local Search ranking advice would be to ask questions and...
  2. Amber Robinson

    Service Road vs Highway as Street name

    So I've run into a new situation today. My client sent me the following addresses, at different times, for a new location. Here are the addresses: 23906 Highway 59 N. Kingwood, TX 77339 23906 Eastex Freeway Service Rd Kingwood, TX 77339 The Eastex Freeway is a variation for US Highway 59...
  3. Amber Robinson

    What is the best option to setup website Silo for local pages?

    Does the business have multiple locations? Here is a post that I refer to for location pages from Phil Rozek - How to Name Your Local Landing Page(s) |
  4. Amber Robinson

    Duplicate Listings in different Google+ Accounts

    Michael, Do you have the option to connect the page with the followers to Google Maps? Connect a page to Google Maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nevermind, just reread and it's not a Local Business...
  5. Amber Robinson

    How I got my clients proper GMB in the Local Pack

    Once upon a time they had locations in all of those cities but when they came to us they had just made the decision to downsize to their central office and focus more on generating leads online. Sorry about those broken links but thanks for digging, Linda. I mentioned my concern about the...
  6. Amber Robinson

    How I got my clients proper GMB in the Local Pack

    I am hoping by sharing my situation with a clients GMB local situation we can find something of value from the outcome. The Client is Poli Mortgage Group, Inc. in Canton, MA. Here is a look at the Local Pack when before I began the GMB Audit - The GMB page in postition A is an unverified...
  7. Amber Robinson

    Service Area Businesses with Hidden Address Missing from Google Search Map?

    I agree, Kate. It was like pulling teeth with one of our clients to convince them that following the rules is safer in the long run. But situations like this don't make that conversation any easier. Fortunately I am not seeing the map issue for electricians right now. But if I search for...
  8. Amber Robinson

    Refining the Process of gathering Local information

    Thanks, y'all!! Definitely want to give it a try. One question - Is the Gravity Forms easy for me to edit or would I need our developers help?
  9. Amber Robinson

    Refining the Process of gathering Local information

    Thanks, Steven & Linda for the compliments! I am just now getting a chance to look at Phil's questionnaire but so far it looks like there are some great additions I can make to the form. Tony - thanks for the feedback and those links! The Gravity Forms plugin looks interesting and seems to be...
  10. Amber Robinson

    Refining the Process of gathering Local information

    Hi All, I wanted to get some opinions/advice/suggestions on a form I've been working on to improve the process of gathering all business information for a Local Business. I referred to Casey Meraz's "How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit" for a majority of the form. In the past I have...
  11. Amber Robinson

    Facebook announces Local Awareness ads

    Thanks for sharing, Margaret! I really appreciate your key takeaways, too:D I have a client that is interested in the FB ads. (They sell electronic cigarette juices.) If he goes through with it I will keep everyone updated on the results!
  12. Amber Robinson

    Deconstructing Pigeon Panel: HIGHLIGHTS from SMX East #smx

    Thanks so much for sharing all those highlights. Twitter is hard for me to sort through so I really appreciate you adding those tweets in the thread as well.
  13. Amber Robinson

    New Powerhouse Group Trying to Kill Google Local 7 Pack

    1.) Why is this just focused on Google? Aren't there some other search engines out there that display their local results?! At least these business listings on Google are free to business owners and give them a chance at the first page. 2.) In my opinion, if they were passionate about the User...
  14. Amber Robinson

    Local vs 800 number - SEO impact? Conversion impact?

    Quick glance and it looks like you successfully displayed the 800 number as an image like Linda suggested. And no alt text, awesome! Good job! Just curious, is there a reason why you are displaying both the local and 800 number?
  15. Amber Robinson

    Local vs 800 number - SEO impact? Conversion impact?

    In my opinion I think a Local number is trusted more by Users than an 800 number. If I had the option I would definitely click a local number b/c I would assume the 800 number would take me to some automated message, ask me for my number and end with a promise to call back.
  16. Amber Robinson

    Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event

    Re: Lessons for Local Search Consultants coming out of "Leading In Local" Event Thanks for sharing, Linda. I think my lack of the SEO world 3 years ago really helps me when it comes to speaking to potential clients like, Sharon mentions, a Human and not a Marketing Exec. Hopefully someone can...
  17. Amber Robinson

    Best Practices For Transitioning Client Away From Yext

    Andrew, I definitely understand where you're coming from. I had the same question about a listing reverting back when the services were cancelled before they ever announced the duplicate suppression. I haven't used Yext's services yet but their duplicate suppression service was a step in the...
  18. Amber Robinson

    Google's Insights getting more insightful

    So I am more than likely not sharing breaking news but I just realized that Insights can get more specific:o Still miss the queries but this is pretty neat, too!
  19. Amber Robinson

    Pidgeon Poop

    When you say below the fold do you mean you are still ranking organically on page 1 but no longer in the Local pack? Or are you still in the Local pack?
  20. Amber Robinson

    Local SEO - Why is this ranking so high?

    Confused yet? Me too when I recently was researching a variety of terms. If the top 3 positions are usually influenced by organic rankings what is going on here for the term "Dallas Electrician"? I know, as Linda says, the pigeon has not landed yet so I am not looking for an answer on...